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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Manette: WA-TAC Sunshine and Early Blooming

Dear Family,

This week was surprisingly sunny and that makes a Californian happy. All the Washington natives talk about how rare this is to be having sun and so little rain this year. We also hear about how terrible the weather is on the east coast. Because of the early sun and warmth, the beautiful cherry blossom trees (I think that's what they are) are already showing all over, which leads to the first story.
We met a guy named Dave our first or second week here, while knocking. He is in his 40's and married and works at a Dairy Queen. He previously worked at a Jack-in-the-Box for several years. He likes it. At first he seemed a little hesitant to meet with us, but we kept coming back and began teaching him about the Book of Mormon on his doorstep. We could never come in because he lives with a roommate he didn't want to bother plus a loud yappy dog and it wasn't clean, so we just talked on his porch. Not ideal, but it worked. Finally we were able to set up a church tour with him on his day off. Church tours were the goal for last week, so we really focused on it.

Cherry tree as a sign from God
Friday afternoon came and we met him at the church with a member there. When we showed him around the chapel and lobby and classrooms, and then talked about the Restoration by the First Vision painting, we asked about his reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. He said he did start praying that morning, and when he left his apartment he saw one of those early-bloomed cherry blossom trees, which are his favorite. He felt good. When he came to the church, he saw the same tree, the only one not bare, in front of the building! He believes it was a little sign from God he is on the right path! We showed him the baptism font room and invited him to set a goal to be baptized March 28th and he accepted! He still needs to ask for Sundays off for his work but he wants to be here. Church tours are awesome.

Tina is still working closer. We taught her the third lesson this week, the Gospel, and she said she got chills when we taught about baptism. She is excited about her birthday baptism. Sadly, she had a family member pass away Saturday, so she wasn't at church, but we got to talk with her about it.
We haven't been able to see Russel, or Carolyn, but we have a lot more potentials and part member families, I just don't have time to tell about all of them. I usually just share the stories and updates that stand out to me. Also Jeremy is still doing well, he had a rough day at work this week, but keeps coming to church and has a lot of faith.

Unseasonably warm in WA

Last, I have really enjoyed my personal studies this week. I figured out how I can study the Book of Mormon this time. I have picked just one topic to study. A big topic- Jesus Christ. I go through each entry in the Index under His name, His titles, other topics that go with it (like Jesus Christ, Atonement through). It was inspired by President Boyd K. Packer's talk from last conference, "The Reason for our Hope." I've learned something helpful. I often look at my name tag, like when I put in on in the morning, and think about taking upon me the name of Jesus Christ. I would think about His perfection and glory and my goal to be like Him. I realized this week another meaning. His name is the means that we can use to get there, the grace that enables us to overcome our continued mistakes and weaknesses. He is the Standard and the Means. He is everything. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary to help others come unto Him.

View of Mt. Olympus at sunset

I hope you all have a great week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Webber
Scripture: D&C 6:36-37

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Dear Family,

This was one of the greatest weeks on my mission from the stand-alone moment of going to the Seattle Temple with Brother Dennis Hart to see him receive his own endowment. We all got there pretty early and it was so much fun to see Dennis again, all dressed in his suit and with his constant, huge grin on his face. After reconnecting after so long and asking how he's doing, we went in to get ready and got to go through the 1:00 session. Ah! I just wish I could explain how cool everything was. Elder Green and I kept looking at each other and thinking "wow." And wondering what it would be like if we only knew we would be here, back when we were first companions, on our way to "Raymond," wherever that was, or when we first discovered Westport, or when we knocked on Dennis' door at 6:59 p.m. or stood in the font together to baptize him. God, the Great Puzzle Maker, has such marvelous plans for us if we only do what is right and follow His guidance.
Smiling at the temple with the Elders
Of course, another temple trip couldn't come without its own "coincidences" or temple miracles. Right when Elder Green and I were at the front desk with Brother Green, a man came in the front door of the temple. The front desk guy said to the man who walked in, "hello Brother Webber!" and Elder Green turned and said to me, "that'll be us in 40 years." Brother Green and Brother Webber going to the temple, ha ha. Of course also at the temple that day was Brother "Papa" Agor, my old ward mission leader from Steilacoom, and his daughter, and two other members I knew, one from Silverdale 1st ward, one from Manette! Just to let me know I was in the right place at the right time.
With Ward Mission Leader Brother Green
I cannot fully describe what it was like. I just have a bright, glorious memory to keep and share forever. Dennis was smiling the entire time, and the Spirit of peace and Godliness pervaded the whole visit. It was like the joy and spirit of a baptism times 100. So crazy to think of Dennis, now an endowed member and holding the Melchizedek priesthood, and everything.
Elder Green, Dennis H, Elder Webber
Our week was also good with the work in Manette. Oh, I forgot to mention transfers ha ha! Elder MacCarthy and I are both staying, as we predicted. So are our ZLs Smith and Goodwine. It'll be another good transfer. The sad news is tomorrow will be the first transfer meeting I won't be able to go to. Probably the only one, though. On Friday, Jeremy got his new snazzy scriptures in the mail and he was super grateful and excited. We had our first official "new member lesson" that night and he brought them along with his Preach My Gospel. He prepared and taught us the first lesson, the Restoration, and did such an incredible job. He is a natural teacher, and mastered several PMG teaching techniques: asking questions, listening, applying to needs, using scriptures, etc. And I love recent converts and their simple grasp of the greatest truth. Their testimonies are so uncluttered by false or unnecessary doctrine. He bore his testimony, too, saying "now I know that God is there." It was very powerful.

Tina is still progressing. When she came to church Sunday, the first thing she told us was, "I have decided that March 9th I'm definitely getting baptized"! Yay! That will be her birthday. One obstacle, however, is she has a fear of water, like having her head go under water, because she had a fearful experience as a child. I think I'll share with her the story of Jonas' baptism and how she can be brave like him. Good job, Jonas! I'm so proud of you.

One more funny story. After sacrament meeting yesterday, we went to say hi to all the people who came (investigators, recent converts, less-actives, etc.) and I saw sitting in the lobby someone familiar. His name is Russel and we went up to say hi and I remembered that this is someone I had taught when I served in Bremerton! He was just on a walk and decided to come back to the church. We talked to him and answered a lot of gospel questions, and he stayed for 2nd and 3rd hour classes too. We have an appointment set for him this week. He said he has changed his life a lot in the past year and wants to learn more about repentance and baptism! He has been through a lot, and could really use the Gospel! I'll keep you updated.

Mission life continues strong. The Wa-Tac is a blessed land. I love my mission and try to not think about how much time I have left, even though it's really hard not to. Elder MacCarthy and I are excited to stay together for another transfer!

Elder Webber

Scripture: Alma 13:3,10-13 (God's plan for His faithful children is so cool)

P.S. "God, the Great Puzzle Maker" is a phrase borrowed from President Weaver :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Manette: Jeremy blesses the sacrament. One on Date at Church!

Dearest Family,

This week was awesome. Seriously things are good here. Jeremy is doing SO good. I'm so proud of him. He got a job that he started this week doing construction on Bainbridge Island. He said it was cold, wet, hard work, but he's happy to be doing something. We taught him about patriarchal blessings and family history and we'll be going with him this Saturday to the family history center to get him started and then hopefully pick a date to go the the temple with him to do baptisms for the dead. He has a lot of friends at church too, and wee're still trying to bring members to our visits with him. Our ward mission leader had a great idea for his new member lessons. We gave him a copy of Preach My Gospel on Sunday and opened to chapter 3. We asked him to read and study the lessons and then he is going to teach them to us! It will be fun, like a reverse role play. And he wanted us to come over with another young couple in the ward this Sunday for dinner :)

Tina is doing super also. We taught her the plan of Salvation this week and she could really feel the spirit. We brought over a couple members, including our saintly Relief Society President, Sister Wahlquist who is from the Philippines and they got to fellowship. Tina is in her late 50s and lives alone with her little dog "Romeo" who keeps her company and lifts her spirits. She is totally open to the message we share and willing to live it. She has a lot of health problems and several seizures in the past that have impaired her memory, which make it kinda hard to teach her, but she is still excited. The coolest part was after teaching her about the Atonement and reading Alma 7:11-15 (which transitions beautifully from the Atonement into baptism) we asked if she had any questions and she only replied, "so when can I get baptized?" ha, ha so we worked out a date for March 9th, which is her birthday. She could be ready sooner, but this is what she wants. Also she has been keeping the Word of Wisdom since she met with our Bishop 3 weeks ago, and we haven't even taught her that yet. :) Our mission goal this week was to have 65 investigators both at church and on date (one of our key indicators) and we got Tina on date and at church! She came all 3 hours and loved it. Our ward is good at being friendly to new people, which is nice. Especially since we still don't know all the members yet, though we try to say hi to everyone as they come in.

Manette District
I came across this quote this week and really liked it:
"Strength and struggle go together. The supreme reward of struggle is strength. Life is a battle and the greatest joy is to overcome. The pursuit of easy things makes men weak. Do not equip yourself with superior power and hope to escape the responsibility and the work. It cannot be done. It is following the lines of least resistance that makes rivers and men crooked." - Ralph Parlette
I believe missionaries have been endowed and set apart with "superior power" and a mission is a battle of struggles, responsibility, and work. To have joy is to overcome and become stronger. My experiences and struggles on my mission I would not trade for anything, because they have made me who I am. I know that the Savior descended below all things so He could overcome all things and have the power to help us overcome our struggles if we trust Him. I love my Savior Jesus Christ because He loves me and has done so much for me. I feel joy daily as I repent and rely on Him. Missionary work is the best :)

Elder MacCarthy making Lunch
Have a great week everyone,
Love Elder Webber

Scripture: D&C 31:1-3 (really the whole section) (I came across this yesterday. It automatically applied to me!)

P.S. Elder Green and I will be in the temple on Thursday at 1:30 p.m. for Dennis' endowment!!! YAY! I am so unexplainably excited for that. (I don't think that was a real word, but it's the best I could come up with ha, ha)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Manette is Great

Dear Family,

Yes, you may call me Thomas, Tómas, and Tommie-Salomie when I get home :)

This week was great, and Jeremy is doing so good! Yesterday he was ordained to a priest in the Aaronic Priesthood and we had a lesson in our elders quorum class (we have a class just for prospective elders) all about how to help prepare, bless, and pass the sacrament, and Jeremy wants to help out this next week. He also got a job which he has been praying for! We were working with him on recognizing the Holy Ghost, and Sunday he told us he felt the Holy Ghost when he heard he got the job, something that filled him with joy and happiness. He said it was not a new feeling, he realized he had felt the Spirit before in his life. It's cool when people can learn these things through their own experiences.
Elder Webber wears his "Seahawks" tie for a second year
We are also teaching a lady named Tina and she has been to the church before in the past. She has had lots of difficult life experiences, and was homeless for a few weeks, but has a place now. She is super humble and wants to be baptized, we're still working on a date! Also we are teaching a cool family, the mom's names is Carolyn. She is single with 4 kids in a tiny downstairs room. They have LDS friends. So those are some more names to pray for, I never have enough time to explain everyone's story!

We had zone conferences this week which were great. Elder Sutton (one of the APs) got a concussion Monday playing football, so Elder Slavens gave the training on his own ha, ha. He did a great job, it was all a great conference about planning, faith, baptisms, and knocking. Our mission focus is FLLOW (Faith, Love/Lessons, Obedience, Work). And our mission goal is at least 800 baptisms this year, which is about one per companionship per transfer. We are on track!

Zone Conference picture
Zone Conference Lunch

The best call in the world came yesterday. Dennis has a temple date for his endowment! February 12th which is next week. Brother Green is going to drive Elder Green and I. Dennis knows so much religious and Jewish history, I'm excited for him to teach us all about the temple. It will be one the best days of my mission, I'm sure.

I continue to love my mission and make the decision to serve Jesus Christ daily. By continuing repentance, my life has become filled with joy and peace. This work is so true, and so much fun.

Short on time again, I don't like these timed computers. But I love you all!!!

Love Elder Webber

Always finding cats

P.S. The Seahawks lost the super bowl, so the people of Washington have entered a state of depression... ha, ha just kidding, but it's cool they were in the super bowl both years I'm here.

Scripture: Alma 57:35