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Monday, September 9, 2013

Raymond: Storms, Mosquitoes, Book of Mormon and Stake Conference

Hello once again family!

I'm glad that I could send you such a big e-mail last week, but I don't have very much time left this week.

Quick update on Dennis in Westport. His hip operation went very smoothly (priesthood blessings work!) and without pain, he said. A member drove him to the hospital and talked with him for a long time. Turns out Dennis has this vast understanding of the great apostasy and taught himself Hebrew in college so he could read the Old Testament in the original text! He began reading the Book of Mormon and said that it is "filling in all the cracks" and it is "delicious" to him!! I'm telling you, that Book of Mormon is changing the world. It is the keystone of our religion and any question, concern, or worry can be resolved by a prayerful study of that book!

We tracted in Westport and got eaten alive by these tiny mosquitoes. Most annoying two hours of my life maybe, ha-ha. There are a ton of them. Also we were knocking (like we do every day from 5-7) on Tuesday. Right as we began, a huge storm just started. Thunder, lightening, and RAIN. That was another fun two hours. Thanks for the coat mom! It helped a lot. Also some nice 7th day Adventist people let us get dry.

I want to share one experience about that life changing book:

Our second or third week in Raymond we knocked on the door of an older man, named Greg. He had no belief in God or heaven or hell and disliked all organized religion. He got mad at us about temples and tithing and Mitt Romney and blah, blah. At the end, almost as a last resort we told him to just give the Book of Mormon a try. To read it and that we'll come back in a month. Well we did, and finally reached him on Saturday. When we talked to him, he was happy to see us and much nicer. He told us that "I have to hand it to you guys, that book is something". As of right now, "there might be a God" ha-ha! He made it about 3/4 the way through. We told him to keep reading and praying. And we'll check up again. He has a nephew who's Mormon. He also said that his wife (a devout Methodist) is very happy about his change of heart! Quite a miracle. All because of "that book" :)

Stake Conference was Sunday - stake conference for all of WA and Alaska on the same day. We had a broadcast with Elder Marcus B. Nash, and two apostles, Elder Robert D. Hales and Elder L. Tom Perry. It was really good. They focused on paying tithing, and families. I am extremely grateful for my wonderful family. Family prayer, scripture study and Family Home Evening are so important.

Scripture for the week is Moroni 10:4 because it's the best!

Love, Elder Webber

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