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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Raymond Miracle Chronicles


I have so much to tell you. It probably will be all disconnected but it is all great!

I'll start with Alexis's baptism! It went very smoothly and it was amazing! What a powerful experience to see this family strong in the gospel. I love every one of them. They are each so important to me. Most amazing was to see Kris, her dad, baptize Alexis after being baptized himself 3 weeks ago. This family is so much closer. The next day in church Elder Green confirmed her and in gospel principles class we were talking with Kris and he told us about how much different their family is. Alexis doesn't fight with her siblings anymore and they all get along and have family prayer and scripture study! They can see the outstanding evidence of the eternal truth: The Gospel Blesses Families.

On Thursday was our "park day" when we park our cars and go entirely on bike. Of course it was raining all day ha ha. It wasn't very heavy though and it was off and on. But it was pretty fun to bike out in the morning in the gray, dreary gloom and sing "There is Sunshine in My Soul Today" :) (shout out to Brother Gaya!)

On Friday we went to Westport and had a "missionary meeting." We got to coordinate efforts with the Branch President, Branch Mission Leader, Branch Missionaries and the Senior Couple missionaries that cover this and three other areas. Then we went to an investigator who we've been teaching, his name is Dennis. We found him knocking doors. He's pretty old and has hip problems but he has a TON of experience with the church. Let me tell you about Dennis! He lives in this tiny, tiny house with 4 cats. Even though his house is so small, he has more books than I have ever seen in my entire life except for a library. Every wall is stacked with shelves packed with books. You cannot see any walls, and his bedroom has two leaning, towering stacks that he is reading right now. We also saw two backrooms that are just about filled - the volume of the room is literally filled with even more. There are books about European history, violin theory (he played in a symphony) quantum mechanics, and every other subject. He told me that he has read just about ALL of them!! He has even more books on genealogy. He also lived in Salt Lake City for many years while doing genealogy research!

The coolest thing happened. We had a member come over with us and download "PAF" program on his laptop. You're going to like this, Dad. Dennis has thousands and thousands of names found! He got very excited about seeing them all on his computer and we showed him! We told him about temples and temple work and so now he is excitedly putting in all his family names! I was so impressed by the thought of the impact this will make in the Lord's kingdom. The Lord prepared Dennis years and years ago (he said he started doing genealogy when he was 14, he's in his 70s now) and now there are thousands who will get their saving ordinances done!! What a miracle. He has already read the Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants. He just needs to be baptized :)

Another thing: Our mission on Sunday began a reading of the Book of Mormon! We're reading 5.3 pages a day until Dec 10th when we will get together as a mission for our Christmas party and read Moroni 10 all together! It will be really fun. I am reading right now with the purpose of understanding faith better. Everything I read I try and learn more about that one principle and it has been so enlightening already! I welcome everyone to join in doing this :)

One more cool item. On Monday night Sister Weaver called me and asked me to have kind of a calling in the mission. She asked me to assist in conducting the missionary music! There is a sister in the mission who conducts the music at transfer meetings and firesides. She has never had an Elder do that before. I'm not replacing her calling, but we will work together on certain songs (like the EFY medley we're doing now). I told her that I've never really led a choir before but conducting music is one of my favorite things. Conducting missionary music for a missionary choir is even better. It's kind of like a dream come true for me :)

Zone Conference was amazing. I'll probably tell you about it this Monday because I'm out of time. I did get to conduct!

Finally, I have three scriptures for this week (all from personal study this morning, it was great). First 1 Nephi 10:17 (we learn about God through the our parents and the prophets) second 1 Nephi 11:1-5 (we then can find out the truth for ourselves by desiring to know, believing we can know, then pondering and praying) third Jacob 4:6 (that is why we "search the prophets" so we can obtain an unshaken faith in Christ. The many witnesses are overwhelming).

Just another week in the WA.TAC,
Elder Webber

P.S. Mom I gained 5 more pounds :)

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