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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Manette: Jeremy's baptism and the miraculous Silverdale Fireside

Dear Family,

This week was so awesome! I wish I had more time to tell you all about it. The huge highlight was this weekend. We met with Jeremy almost every day this week, reading the Book of Mormon with him, preparing him for his interview, and sending positive texts every night so he could stay clean living the Word of Wisdom. We bought him like 20 packs of cinnamon gum which opposes the taste of tobacco and keeps the mouth occupied. That with LOTS of prayer and fasting on Saturday he made it! It was a miracle! I thought to fast on Saturday with Elder MacCarthy because I read Sister Megan Baker's mission blog about doing it and it working. I usually fast on Sundays, so doing it extra I think allowed me to use more faith. And it was focused on a specific blessing.

Jeremy's baptismal service
Anyway, Jeremy came and was baptized and he was smiling the whole time. His mom even came to show support and the ward members were all friendly. Elder MacCarthy shared the missionary message (his first time) while they were changing and did a great job.

Sunday he was confirmed, and asked me to do the confirmation. That is my third time on my mission and another very spiritual experience. The best thing was the fireside Sunday. There were 5 recent converts that spoke, and Jeremy agreed to be one of them! It was SO fun to be back up in Silverdale, to see some members I served with (the Warners were there!) and the best part was hearing Jeremy be brave and bear his new-found testimony to a congregation of 150+ people. He talked about how the sisters had knocked on his door at the needed time in his life and how much happier he has been since he has included Jesus Christ in his life and the Church. He said, "I have faith that if I stay in the Church, more good things will come." I was brimming with joy and so filled with the happiness of the moment. Conducting "Amazing Grace" at the end was also sweet. I love the Wa-Tac. Oh, also, Jeremy got interviewed after church, so he should be receiving the Aaronic priesthood this Sunday!

Have a great week!
Love Elder Webber

Scripture: Moroni 10 (I finished the Book of Mormon this morning!)

P.S. GUESS WHO GOT A TEMPLE RECOMMEND? Dennis Hart!!!!!! Elder Green and I will be going to the temple with him in the next few weeks :D :D :D

Baptism of Dennis, Sept 2013
Seattle, WA Temple

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MANETTE - people for days, hospitals, and rain

Dear Family,

I hope all is well. I'm glad you could visit grandpa Bob and Nan in Indiana, that looked like lots of fun. We had a good week up in the Wa-Tac. Things feel a little cooled down from last week, as we are adjusting to Manette and getting to know more people. Funny story, Thursday was our park day (park our cars and go on bike) and it was the first day that it rained this transfer. And it caught up by raining a lot. We got home feeling like we had jumped in the Puget Sound. Saturday night there was a big wind and rain storm too. We also have the Harrison Medical Center in our area, pretty close to our apartment, so we get calls like once a week to give a blessing to someone. Both members, one from Port Angeles, one from Port Orchard. And we've helped in two moves since we've been here. Both were unorganized and dirty :P . We left covered in cat hair and smelling like smoke.

Elder MacCarthy has been opening up more and he is the sweetest guy. A really good "green" trainee to have ha, ha. He never complains and is always willing to work hard. We are working together on teaching the lessons and having him prepare things to say.

Christmas Party
Jeremy is doing well! He was at the beach this weekend with his parent, but they came back in time for the Seahawks game, so he came to church! He did give in with his smoking problem, Sunday morning, but if he can make it all this week he can be baptized this Saturday! He is so ready. Not a lot of time left, but things really are good. I love Manette and I am happy to be a missionary. I learn and grow each day. Still make mistakes, but I'm able to repent quickly and learn what I need.

at Night, apparently
Elder Webber

Scripture: Mosiah 29:19-20 (Humility leads to deliverance from bondage, while God's arm of mercy is always extended)

P.S. Seahawks won yesterday. Looks like they'll be in two super bowls in a row, both years on my mission :) A guy from elders' quorum kept giving us updates at church ha, ha

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

MANETTE - so crazy

Dear Family,

I won't be able to tell you everything that happened this week because it would probably take several hours. It has been non-stop, go go go, and crazy busy insanity. Doubling in and training is not easy. There's been a lot of growth this week, I'll just put it that way. Probably a good place for my last few transfers on my mission. 
Tommy's new companion Elder MacCarthy - direct from the MTC
I love the Manette ward. I am already familiar with most of the streets and some of the people which has been very helpful. We have been glued to our GPS this week, whom we adoringly call Sister Garmin. Elder MacCarthy and I are the replacement for 2 elders and 2 sisters, which means we inherited 3 area books and tons of investigators, potentials, part member families, recent converts, etc. We have met dozens of new people every day and my planner already looks like a mess with all my chicken scratch minuscule note-taking. We have an awesome WML, Brother Brown who has been very helpful. In fact lots of different members have been very helpful and willing to help us out and give us names of people to see. We got 8 new referrals this week which I think is a high for my mission and 5 new investigators including a great family our first day. 

New Missionaries meet their trainers / first companions

Jan 2015 Arrivals and Trainers

We are teaching this super cool young guy (23) named Jeremy. He is so humble and teachable and has been coming to church for the past 2 months. The sister missionaries were teaching him and found him knocking doors. He is tentatively on date for this weekend! But it might move back because I just got a text from him saying he will be out of town this weekend... he is also working on living the Word of Wisdom. But that is his only hold-back. We have had some very spiritual lessons. 
Good-byes in Silverdale, Jolene's family

Transfer day - goodbye to Elder Mossbrucker

Well, this week I feel I grew a lot. I realized how much I have changed on my mission and how much better I can talk to people and "be a missionary." Still lots to learn though. I love you all!

Elder Webber
Tommy loves to be asked to conduct the Hymns

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

From Silverdale down the road to Manette!

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for all the love this week, I had a great birthday. Very different since I am a missionary, and was working all day, probably not the same as other 21st birthdays go - ha, ha. I love the new shoes and belt and all the cards! Thanks also to the Las Flores ward/primary, Aunt CJ, the Osterhouts, grandpa Bob & Nan, grandma Marilyn, and grandpa Jim for all the cards, etc. I love you all! On my birthday we had dinner with the Woestman family, and when they found out it was my birthday they put candles in a tub of oreo ice cream and sang happy birthday :) we have dinner from 4-5 so it was perfect timing ;)
Saying Goodbye to Elder Sharp and the Silverdale Bishop
Like the e-mail says I got my transfer call! I am going "very far away" to the Manette ward, ha, ha which borders where I am serving now in Silverdale and my first area Bremerton! So it is in the Bremerton zone. While sad to leave another ward I love, I am more than excited about this transfer call. I've actually always wanted to serve in Manette, it is a great area for missionary work. I will be training there, which means I am no longer a Zone Leander, but a District Leader, and will be getting doubled in. All 4 missionaries (2 elders and 2 sisters) are leaving that ward and I and my new missionary are coming in! There will be a LOT of work to do. This is exactly what I wanted my last few transfers of my mission. It's the perfect transfer call for me. I'm going to work harder than ever and be more obedient than ever and have lots of fun. Sort of nervous, I have no idea what to expect this week, but look what happened in Raymond.

From Silverdale to Manette, WA (same Zone & Stake)
I will try and express what happened the last few days of this week mainly on Sunday. I can say that God is aware of us always and knows where we are and sends us where we need to be to bring about His great purposes. I learned yesterday that I have done what I was supposed to do in Silverdale, and that is one of the sweetest feelings for a missionary to have. Of course I was not perfect, and I get tempted to feel regrets for weaknesses, but Heavenly Father is so merciful that He still lets us fulfill our callings and be a part in His great miracles. Anyway, enough rambling, I'll tell you what happened.
Saying goodbye to Investigators (Ginger)


We had three investigators to church, including Deena and Jamie who came for their second time! It was fast and testimony meeting (yes mom, I bore my testimony ha, ha) right at the end, Deena gets up and walks to the pulpit (I don't think I've ever had an investigator bear their testimony at church). She says how she met Elder Sharp and I and how she started thinking about God as she helped in her childhood cancer charity, and that was right when we knocked on their door. When we met her she wasn't sure if God was really there. She told everyone how we had challenged them to pray for a specific question, and that now she knows God is there and that He answers prayers. How cool is that for a missionary and a ward to hear!

We also saw Ginger at church! She finally made it and was so happy to be there. After church we took a picture together and she pulled us aside and told us thanks for all we had done for their family. She said that ever since she had been meeting with missionaries (about 2 years now) she has been on the fence since she grew up in a different church. But, she told us, "now I know" and wants us to come over this week to figure out what she needs to do next. Basically to figure out her baptism :D :D :D Hallelujah! I felt so happy, heart lifted, and filled with joy to hear that after 4 months of visiting her and trying to figure out how to help their family. There's still a lot that needs to happen, but she is on fire.
Saying goodbye to Faith and the Suggs family

Warner Family
Last, we got to see Faith at church and the Suggs signed up for our dinner calendar that day, so we got to have another visit with all of them before I left. We had chili and cinnamon rolls for dinner, ha, ha, probably the most unusual dinner on my mission, but surprisingly not bad. They said it's an eastern Washington thing. I shared my testimony with them and with Faith and prayed with them at the end. Super spiritual. I realized how much I love all of them.

Birthday Loot

Missionary New Years - at 10:15 PM

I can't even say how much I love my mission or how many experience I have had that are good, life changing, and so precious to me. I am super excited for the next adventure in Manette and for more miracles to see. All my love, good luck back at school this week,

Elder Webber

Ether 1:42 (I read this Sunday morning and it went right to my heart: "Thou shalt go... there will I meet thee" and reassured me for next transfer. "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go")
Ether 2:5-6 (The Lord will show us where to go and lead us, give us directions)
Ether 2:16 (now it's time to "go to work")