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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Manette: Jeremy's baptism and the miraculous Silverdale Fireside

Dear Family,

This week was so awesome! I wish I had more time to tell you all about it. The huge highlight was this weekend. We met with Jeremy almost every day this week, reading the Book of Mormon with him, preparing him for his interview, and sending positive texts every night so he could stay clean living the Word of Wisdom. We bought him like 20 packs of cinnamon gum which opposes the taste of tobacco and keeps the mouth occupied. That with LOTS of prayer and fasting on Saturday he made it! It was a miracle! I thought to fast on Saturday with Elder MacCarthy because I read Sister Megan Baker's mission blog about doing it and it working. I usually fast on Sundays, so doing it extra I think allowed me to use more faith. And it was focused on a specific blessing.

Jeremy's baptismal service
Anyway, Jeremy came and was baptized and he was smiling the whole time. His mom even came to show support and the ward members were all friendly. Elder MacCarthy shared the missionary message (his first time) while they were changing and did a great job.

Sunday he was confirmed, and asked me to do the confirmation. That is my third time on my mission and another very spiritual experience. The best thing was the fireside Sunday. There were 5 recent converts that spoke, and Jeremy agreed to be one of them! It was SO fun to be back up in Silverdale, to see some members I served with (the Warners were there!) and the best part was hearing Jeremy be brave and bear his new-found testimony to a congregation of 150+ people. He talked about how the sisters had knocked on his door at the needed time in his life and how much happier he has been since he has included Jesus Christ in his life and the Church. He said, "I have faith that if I stay in the Church, more good things will come." I was brimming with joy and so filled with the happiness of the moment. Conducting "Amazing Grace" at the end was also sweet. I love the Wa-Tac. Oh, also, Jeremy got interviewed after church, so he should be receiving the Aaronic priesthood this Sunday!

Have a great week!
Love Elder Webber

Scripture: Moroni 10 (I finished the Book of Mormon this morning!)

P.S. GUESS WHO GOT A TEMPLE RECOMMEND? Dennis Hart!!!!!! Elder Green and I will be going to the temple with him in the next few weeks :D :D :D

Baptism of Dennis, Sept 2013
Seattle, WA Temple

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