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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

MANETTE - so crazy

Dear Family,

I won't be able to tell you everything that happened this week because it would probably take several hours. It has been non-stop, go go go, and crazy busy insanity. Doubling in and training is not easy. There's been a lot of growth this week, I'll just put it that way. Probably a good place for my last few transfers on my mission. 
Tommy's new companion Elder MacCarthy - direct from the MTC
I love the Manette ward. I am already familiar with most of the streets and some of the people which has been very helpful. We have been glued to our GPS this week, whom we adoringly call Sister Garmin. Elder MacCarthy and I are the replacement for 2 elders and 2 sisters, which means we inherited 3 area books and tons of investigators, potentials, part member families, recent converts, etc. We have met dozens of new people every day and my planner already looks like a mess with all my chicken scratch minuscule note-taking. We have an awesome WML, Brother Brown who has been very helpful. In fact lots of different members have been very helpful and willing to help us out and give us names of people to see. We got 8 new referrals this week which I think is a high for my mission and 5 new investigators including a great family our first day. 

New Missionaries meet their trainers / first companions

Jan 2015 Arrivals and Trainers

We are teaching this super cool young guy (23) named Jeremy. He is so humble and teachable and has been coming to church for the past 2 months. The sister missionaries were teaching him and found him knocking doors. He is tentatively on date for this weekend! But it might move back because I just got a text from him saying he will be out of town this weekend... he is also working on living the Word of Wisdom. But that is his only hold-back. We have had some very spiritual lessons. 
Good-byes in Silverdale, Jolene's family

Transfer day - goodbye to Elder Mossbrucker

Well, this week I feel I grew a lot. I realized how much I have changed on my mission and how much better I can talk to people and "be a missionary." Still lots to learn though. I love you all!

Elder Webber
Tommy loves to be asked to conduct the Hymns

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