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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 3 in RAYMOND! - Another Book of Mormon Conversion Story


I just love all of you so much. I hope that you can feel that through this e-mail today. You have no idea how much your love, support, and prayers lift and carry me day to day. Reading your quick updates and awesome experiences bring me so much happiness. I look forward to it every week, but I also try to keep focused on the work.

The most exciting thing this week was Terry's baptism. I'll get you a picture next week (sorry!) This was the first baptism in Raymond in 8 months! The Bishop, Ward Mission Leader, and members were all excited. We met Terry the second day in Raymond. We went to donate food to the food bank that the members bring to church. Being new, we came an hour too late and the food bank had closed. But outside were an elderly lady and her disabled son with a broken down truck. Helping them was Terry. We got out to see what we could do and together fixed their truck. They drove off, but we still stayed and talked to Terry. We told him about the Book of Mormon and he sounded interested. Terry is very humble and teachable and found the gospel to make sense right away! He read through the whole Book of Mormon in about 3 days! At a church tour we set a date for baptism and he gave up chewing tobacco and progressed right along. We love teaching Terry because we actually learn from him while we are there!

The other amazing part of this week was getting your e-mail, Claire and your letter, Matthew. Hearing about your experiences and testimonies grow gave me so much joy and happiness. I have such profound love for each of you guys: Mom, Dad, Allyson, Matthew, Charlotte, and Claire. I have been blessed with a deeper love for others. The strongest is for you guys. The second thing we teach as missionaries is that the gospel blesses families. This is so so so so true. I think back to the night I was set apart as a missionary. That night stands out as the most singular powerful experience of my life. The Spirit was ever-present to everyone in that room. I felt in a very real sense that we are sealed as a family. How amazing is that!! This love is so precious, so real, and so important. I feel love for many others too. For my companion Elder Green, we get along so well and have so much fun. Working together every day, side by side, supporting and serving each other, he is my best friend here. I feel love for those we teach. I really enjoy talking to Terry and I desire the best for him and everyone else I meet.

These blessings of love alone merit the need for the gospel in everyone's life :)

Moroni 7:48

Lots and lots of love,
Elder Webber

P.S. Mom I also got your Dear Elder letter today :) that was fun


Elder Green and I laughed so hard to see our families together!! I probably should have guessed it coming. It made both of us really happy. We talk about you two moms a lot and realized how similar you two are as missionary moms :) I loved hearing the update in Utah and the fun stuff we do there. And dad's African garb ha ha
I also like seeing Matthew and Charlotte's EFY bands, ha ha!

Note: While on vacation to Utah, we were able to connect and visit with Elder Green's family in Ogden, Utah.  We had a great visit and they are a wonderful family.  It was a unique opportunity to be with them and to talk about our sons while they are actually serving together.  We sent these pictures to Elder Webber and Elder Green.
Elder Green and Elder Webber's Moms meet
Family picture

Annual Brockbank Education fundraiser
(Elder Webber's Grandma Kay started it in 2001 after her mission)

-- Back to Tommy's letter to his Mom.

The members did have their baby! Sunday morning. Its their 6th child, a girl. We gave Brother and Sister Angelovich (our landlord) a priesthood blessing on Saturday after our baptism. Oh, by the way we had a baptism!! I'll tell you more soon. We made their family a chocolate cake :)

Love, Elder Webber

Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 2 in Raymond!

Hello family,

What another great week here in beautiful Raymond! The weather got a little colder, but there's been little rain, for now. I hear that Forks and Raymond are the two rainiest places in WA. Some fun experiences this week included milking my first cow, getting lost while knocking on remote doors in rain forests, climbing a lighthouse on P-day, and painting a building on Saturday for service in the community!


Elder Green is so great, he's my favorite companion so far, which isn't very far yet. I find it really fun, yet not surprising at all that his mom and our mom already know each other. I'm sure you are close in touch! Elder Green is very similar to me, we both started to really have a testimony about the start of high school and have never really gone off the path. He has a great testimony and gospel knowledge and we teach well together. Most importantly we share the same commitment to obedience and hard work. Together we have seen many miracles.

Elder Green

Like I said last week, Raymond has had a slow last few months, actually year. They've had three or four baptisms in the past year and their last one was 8 months ago. We now have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday. On Tuesday Elder Green and I stopped by the church to look at the baptismal font. To our surprise and amusement there were four spiders in it and sections of cobwebs. Oh the irony. We cleaned it up and got it ready. When you work hard, simply work hard, the miracles just flow. The Lord's plan is so marvelous and being a small part of it is the best thing ever. I really, really love missionary work. I love it more and more. As a missionary I always feel like I am doing the right thing. I am clean and worthy and active and strong. Elder Green and I were laughing because we both felt pretty converted to the gospel when we left on our missions. But compared to now, we have grown so much and have developed much deeper dedication to the gospel and the church. I hope that continues.

On top of the baptism we have another baptism scheduled for August 11th (hopefully) and several others who are really progressing. One man, named Layton, has come a long way. He had a hard upbringing with his family, but we had an amazing lesson with him on Saturday night and he said that "a light turned on." he is beginning to let things of the past go and he sees that it is through the Atonement of Christ, which only has full effect in His church, through His baptism.

One thing I have come to understand more is the doctrine of baptism. Many members of this church are hesitant to "push" people towards baptism. D&C 20:37 states that "By way of commandment unto the church" there are qualifications for baptism. We as members are commanded to let all who are qualified into the waters of baptism. Further, and more powerfully, look at what Christ did. Immediately after He appeared to the Nephites in America, he told them who He is, then taught His gospel! In a matter of a few verses He teaches them, giving them a commandment, to be baptized. Baptism opens the door to the fullness of the Atonement. Without it, one cannot receive a "remission of sins." I remember the words of my MTC teacher who also served in the WATAC, to remember to be "baptism focused and Atonement centered." And what joy it brings to see people baptized when they are ready.

Scripture for the week: 3 Nephi 11: 10-27  especially v. 21 and 23

Much love,
Elder Webber

P.S. have fun in Utah!! Say hi to all the family :)

Elder Tommy Webber meets a cow up close 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 1 in Raymond!

Hi family!

Here I am in a new area! And I love Raymond, it is a very, very different area, but a great place nonetheless. My companion is Elder Green and he is awesome! One of the fun parts of this week has been being "doubled in!" Meaning neither Elder Green nor I have ever served in this area. We get along very well and have very similar personalities and desires to work hard and be obedient.

When transfer calls came I knew absolutely nothing about Raymond other than it is in Washington and the southern part of our mission. Mom, you know things about the town that I haven't even heard yet, haha. But I came to learn quickly, first from other missionaries, then from the members, that Raymond has seen little progress in the past year. I didn't know any of the missionaries that served here before us. Many of them think they are being exiled to the outskirts of the mission and feel discouraged. But not us!!

Downtown Raymond
Elder Green has been out for two transfers and I have been out for one. I think that is really funny. Perhaps Raymond needs the bold faith of two young, inexperienced missionaries to spark it up and refresh the work. We've worked really hard this week and, as our ward mission leader put it, "done more work in one week than most." It is sort of fun to try and see, as weak and human as we are, the Lord's great plan. I've thought about why I would start my mission in one of the most productive, active, and busy parts of the mission and then get doubled into this new area. Things will change.

So there we were, in our car, driving through the endless trees of Washington to a place we've never been nor seen before, with nothing more than an address. We reach our place we are to live in, a spare floor above the garage of a member's home. On the table is a paper with some information and 4 potential investigators. By week's end we have had 6 lessons with members present, and 12 other lessons, 6 new investigators, 8 Books of Mormon handed out, and about 4 investigators that we think can be baptized this transfer!! I say all that not to brag, because it certainly was not my own success. But I say this to glory in the Lord, who greatly blessed us. We worked hard, with great diligence, and a commitment to be as obedient as possible. The members are beginning to see, and the great harvest is starting to unfold.

Raymond is a interesting place. It is a very small town, the whole area has less than 8,000 people. Almost everyone here is older. I've never seen so many older people in my life. I've also never seen so much lumber in my life ever. There's a big lumber factory in Aberdeen and every day trucks stacked with huge tree logs drive up there. The member's we live with give us free jars of raw cow's milk. Haha at first I was very apprehensive because they said it's not technically for human consumption but it tastes SO good!!

Local Lumber Yard

We have been teaching some great people. One woman is Chinese and speaks very little English. We got Chinese Books of Mormon for her and I would find the verses I wanted her to read in her Chinese Book of Mormon (because I could find which book is which using the number of chapters in it :) ) and then she would read out loud in Chinese and you could see a better understanding as she tried to explain in English. She wants the best for her son and she realizes that this church, this gospel can do that! She felt the spirit very strong during our lessons.

Another girl (18 years old) we know is a recent convert of two months, who just moved here with her grandparents. She had a very hard upbringing but has a bright, burning testimony and loves the church. Her sister is not a member, but she was asking questions. We had a surprise lesson with her sister Saturday. But because their grandparents really don't like the church, we met outside on this open ground. We taught the restoration and her heart was soft, she is very sensitive to the Spirit. She committed to baptism because she felt for herself that what we said is true. She told her sister, "I feel different; I feel warm" and gave her a big hug. I actually teared up a little bit. Unfortunately their grandparents didn't like that her sister was considering joining the true church and did not let them come to church. We need to pray that their grandparents' heart will be softened.

My scripture for the week is 2 Nephi 4:20-21 because Nephi is awesome and because I feel as he did: greatly blessed and needing to continually repent.

With love,
Elder Webber

2 Nephi 4:20-21
20 My God hath been my support; he hath led me through mine afflictions in the wilderness; and he hath preserved me upon the waters of the great deep.
21 He hath filled me with his love, even unto the consuming of my flesh.

P.S. Mom, could you send me a few things? :)   I've been wanting to study faith more, and at home in my bookshelf I have Joseph Smith's Lectures on Faith that I'd like to have. Also could you send a good dictionary (it helps with personal study to deepen understanding) one with those cool archaic definitions. And could you send me some music? I'd like two CD's. They are both playlists on my old iPhone and on my old iTunes. One is called "MOTAB" and the other is called "BYU/EFY". It'd be great if you could just burn those playlists onto CD's and send them! And last, my rain jacket because the weather is great but it will soon end, so I'd rather be prepared. You can send to my new address. Love you!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 6 in Bremerton - last week here! (Transfer to Raymond)

Hi family,

Transfer calls came on Saturday evening. I was surprised to hear that my short time in Bremerton is up! Tomorrow I will be in Raymond, WA, which is way over in the south-western part of the mission, in the Elma Zone. I don't know much about it at all except that its closer to the coast and that it is much more farmland. I've heard there are more farmers and lumber-jack type people over there. I have absolutely no idea why Heavenly Father needs Elder Webber over there, but the fun part is finding that reason why. I know there is one, and I felt the Spirit testify to me very quickly that it was where I am supposed to be. I'm very excited to start a new area and recommit to working hard.

Location of Raymond, WA

Raymond Ward Boundaries are the SW corner of the Tacoma Mission Buondaries

Yesterday at church was one of the best Sundays I've had. After a day of hard working in "rounding up" investigators and a hard week, we had, miraculously, 8 investigators at church!! Annette and Amick were confirmed, and the ward did such a great job at fellowshipping everyone! One guy we're teaching, Chris (a different Chris) is 17 and is going this week to "Helaman's Camp" which is like a week long Mini MTC. It will be life changing and the priests are so welcoming and friendly to him. I can't wait to hear about his baptism and then... his own mission! Church attendance is so important. I did not realize it until my mission.

Scripture for the week is 2 Nephi 2:8. My personal studies have been on tangents this week, so it took me over a week to read through 2 Nephi 2. I also studied in depth the doctrine of grace and faith. I have a testimony that Heavenly Father love us so much that He blesses us with everything He can while still respecting our agency. We must choose whether we want to live with Him, but He gives us so much to help us get there, and when we do choose Him, the windows of heaven open even more abundantly. That is grace. I absolutely love studying in the morning and when I put all my effort into it seeing the revelation I received afterwards. I have such a greater desire to learn truth. It builds every day.

My testimony of the Book of Mormon is especially stronger. Last Thursday Elder Lonas and I were out street contacting and looking for a miracle we had planned. (We started this week 2 after a Zone conference on planning. When we plan with faith, we can be prepared for the miracles in the Lord's plan - it's also really fun). So after saving a drunk woman from running into the street, we continued walking and talking about the gospel! Elder Lonas knows a lot of deep doctrine. Not the weird stuff, but deep understanding of things that are true and essential. He has spent the last few months studying light and truth, also faith, hope and charity. We talked for a long time as we walked around Bremerton, inviting everyone we saw to come to church or read the Book of Mormon or learn more about Christ. I felt the Spirit testify of things that are true. Truth is light because it is discernible (Alma 32:35) and it radiates. It enlightens, expands, uplifts, edifies, and enlarges the soul. Things that are not true are like darkness, they confuse and depress. For example, the Book of Mormon is true!! Anyone who reads and studies it, ponders its message in their heart, and prayerfully acts upon the message will know that it is true. By these same principles we may know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that the full, true gospel of Christ is restored, back again on the earth through the prophet, Joseph Smith. An unending succession of priesthood keys continue today with the Prophet Thomas S. Monson and will always continue ! It's so wonderful!

I've had such a great time in Bremerton and with my fantastic companions. It was hard, but I grew so much and loved every day. This church is so true!!

The Bremerton 4

Have a fantastic week at EFY C&C and Matthew! I love you all so much and pray for you daily.
Elder Webber

Preparation Day at Lion's Park

Washington sunset

Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 5 in Bremerton (baptism week! - 4 Convert Baptisms)

Like I said, this was baptism week. Many miracles lined up just in time for this weekend, and I was in awe and blessed to be a part of the Lord's great work rolling forth. Before that, though, THANK YOU mom and Charlotte and Claire for your sweet letters and for the package of goodies!! How on earth did you know that I needed pens? And that my goldfish stock was running frighteningly low? ;) Let every nation, kindred, tongue and people know that I have the best mom ever.

I love hearing all of your updates on braces, wisdom teeth, grad school, girls camp, Big Air, and EFY. I especially love hearing about you guys going to the temple and reading the scriptures and having the Elders over! It's amazing how much my love for you guys has gotten deeper even though I am away with little contact. I love you all!!

Matthew 3:13-17

Now for those baptisms. The first was a man named Chris. He had been investigating the church for about 5 months and had a lot of problems giving up smoking. Elder Zastrow and I had an amazing lesson with him where we felt we were battling Satan for his soul. It sounds intense. It was! He finally decided that this was about him and not anyone else. He gave up smoking because of the power of the Book of Mormon and set the date for baptism. He was also worried about his girlfriend who he had been living with but she had gone out of town for a while. 15 minutes before his baptism she calls and breaks up with him. He responds: "Well I'm getting baptized into the Mormon church!" and that was it. It was the right decision and he is so much happier now. When we put forth our steps of faith, the Lord provides a way.

Baptism Service for Chris

Next was Amick, who had also been investigating the church for a long time. Elder Zastrow and I applied what we had learned at our mission tour with a lesson that we had with him right after the tour. He began to take it seriously and now he knows for himself that it was the right decision!

Baptism Service for Amick

My favorite was Annette. Elder Ferrin and I met her just over 2 weeks ago while knocking doors. She ran up to us from nowhere and asked for a Book of Mormon. We gave her one and got her phone number and she ran off. I admit, I was surprised and thought that nothing would come of it. 3 days later we call and set up a church tour. One of the amazing members from the ward picks her up and joins in the lesson. She accepts what we teach and before we mention it asks about baptism. Then she starts teaching us about Joseph Smith and accepts the baptismal date for June 30th!! Turns out her mom joined the church 8 years ago and her daughter joined the church 5 years ago. Both have been bugging her to read the Book of Mormon and she finally does. She quits smoking in a matter of days and is already asking us about the temple during our Plan of Salvation lesson. Her mom and her step-dad (who baptized her) came to the baptism. It was amazing. The mom came up to me and whispered intently, "Thank you, Thank you," with tears in her eyes. Their family is healed.

Baptism Service for Annette
Annette with Elder Tommy Webber and Elder Ferrin

Last is Kyla, 9 years old, part member family. I got to baptize her! Her dad got out of jail the day before the baptism, which allowed the baptism to happen and their family grow stronger. Prayer works.

Baptism Service for Kyla

Elder Tommy Webber, Kyla's brother and Kyla

With that spirit, the scripture for the week is Mark 10:13-16

Elder Webber

P.S. Good job on your BoM reading C&C!!! I love Mosiah 4 and also chapter 5! My favorite is verse 2 which explains what it means to truly be converted to the gospel. It means that we don't want to sin any more at all, but instead we just want to help other people, and do good things like reading scriptures!!

P.P.S. hey dad could you send me your church stats on the apostles and their education/ mission/ etc? I was curious and wanted to tell my companions about it

P.P.P.S. Tell me what's been going on in Utah, Allyson! I'm going to write you soon :)

P.P.P.P.S. I am SO SO excited for you, Matthew, Charlotte, and Claire to go to EFY!! You will be right where I was when I really gained a testimony that these things are true. You will get out what you put in. If you focus that week and strongly desire to feel the spirit, you will have one of the best weeks of your life. I want to suggest that you read Alma chapter 5 either before, during, or right after that week. Especially Alma 5:26 :) Love you all!!