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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 6 in Bremerton - last week here! (Transfer to Raymond)

Hi family,

Transfer calls came on Saturday evening. I was surprised to hear that my short time in Bremerton is up! Tomorrow I will be in Raymond, WA, which is way over in the south-western part of the mission, in the Elma Zone. I don't know much about it at all except that its closer to the coast and that it is much more farmland. I've heard there are more farmers and lumber-jack type people over there. I have absolutely no idea why Heavenly Father needs Elder Webber over there, but the fun part is finding that reason why. I know there is one, and I felt the Spirit testify to me very quickly that it was where I am supposed to be. I'm very excited to start a new area and recommit to working hard.

Location of Raymond, WA

Raymond Ward Boundaries are the SW corner of the Tacoma Mission Buondaries

Yesterday at church was one of the best Sundays I've had. After a day of hard working in "rounding up" investigators and a hard week, we had, miraculously, 8 investigators at church!! Annette and Amick were confirmed, and the ward did such a great job at fellowshipping everyone! One guy we're teaching, Chris (a different Chris) is 17 and is going this week to "Helaman's Camp" which is like a week long Mini MTC. It will be life changing and the priests are so welcoming and friendly to him. I can't wait to hear about his baptism and then... his own mission! Church attendance is so important. I did not realize it until my mission.

Scripture for the week is 2 Nephi 2:8. My personal studies have been on tangents this week, so it took me over a week to read through 2 Nephi 2. I also studied in depth the doctrine of grace and faith. I have a testimony that Heavenly Father love us so much that He blesses us with everything He can while still respecting our agency. We must choose whether we want to live with Him, but He gives us so much to help us get there, and when we do choose Him, the windows of heaven open even more abundantly. That is grace. I absolutely love studying in the morning and when I put all my effort into it seeing the revelation I received afterwards. I have such a greater desire to learn truth. It builds every day.

My testimony of the Book of Mormon is especially stronger. Last Thursday Elder Lonas and I were out street contacting and looking for a miracle we had planned. (We started this week 2 after a Zone conference on planning. When we plan with faith, we can be prepared for the miracles in the Lord's plan - it's also really fun). So after saving a drunk woman from running into the street, we continued walking and talking about the gospel! Elder Lonas knows a lot of deep doctrine. Not the weird stuff, but deep understanding of things that are true and essential. He has spent the last few months studying light and truth, also faith, hope and charity. We talked for a long time as we walked around Bremerton, inviting everyone we saw to come to church or read the Book of Mormon or learn more about Christ. I felt the Spirit testify of things that are true. Truth is light because it is discernible (Alma 32:35) and it radiates. It enlightens, expands, uplifts, edifies, and enlarges the soul. Things that are not true are like darkness, they confuse and depress. For example, the Book of Mormon is true!! Anyone who reads and studies it, ponders its message in their heart, and prayerfully acts upon the message will know that it is true. By these same principles we may know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that the full, true gospel of Christ is restored, back again on the earth through the prophet, Joseph Smith. An unending succession of priesthood keys continue today with the Prophet Thomas S. Monson and will always continue ! It's so wonderful!

I've had such a great time in Bremerton and with my fantastic companions. It was hard, but I grew so much and loved every day. This church is so true!!

The Bremerton 4

Have a fantastic week at EFY C&C and Matthew! I love you all so much and pray for you daily.
Elder Webber

Preparation Day at Lion's Park

Washington sunset

Note from Dad

Raymond is closer to Astoria, Oregon (50 miles) than Tacoma, WA (90 miles). 
Raymond has 1,192 households, or about the same number as Tommy's Junior and Senior class combined at Tesoro High School. 
My second area I served on my Mission exactly 30 years ago was Kuna and Melba, Idaho and I loved it!
When I was there, Kuna had two wards, now it is a stake.

More from Tommy (a.k.a. Elder Webber) answers to Mom's Questions:
Hi mom and dad!!
I love so much reading your updates for the week, even if it seems boring. I especially love hearing about temple trips! And I cannot wait to hear how EFY went.
Here's some answers to questions:
First of all, suprise! I'm being transfered! To Raymond, WA, part of the Elma Zone. I was very surprised at first, but I feel that the Lord needs me over there now. I certainly learned a TON in Bremerton, and I hoped I learned most of what I was sent there to learn.
Ean and Tiana were the first two people I thought of. I felt that I was here for them, but now I am leaving. They have been progressing a little slower, mostly because we haven't been able to get them to church. But they both know that the Book of Mormon is true. they both love it. I consider that a huge success and I'm happy. Continue to pray for them, as well as those recent converts.
The 4th was really fun. We visited ward members more than people we don't know, because people wanted to do their own thing. The 4th of July is really big here, especially being so close to a Naval base. Also, fun fact, Bremerton has the smallest Indian reservation in America! It's about an acre haha. They sell illegal fireworks so it was a fun evening :) We got fed a LOT!
I have plenty of money, I get $150 a month in MSF (missionary support fund)
We get plenty of dinners
I didn't bear testimony last Sunday, but I will next month in Raymond!
We taught in Primary sharing time last Sunday :) a lesson about repentance
I loved getting a copy of Connor's blog, that's really nice to read, because I don't hear all the details in his letters to me. I'd love that from Ally too

Your e-mails make me smile
 Love, your son
 Elder Webber
 P.S. Mom, you can think of what I'm doing throughout the day with my schedule!
 8-9 personal study
 9-10 comp study
 10-11 twelve week new missionary training
 11-5 teach lessons or visit potential contacts
 5-7  knocking on doors!!
 7-9  more teaching lessons

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