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Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 5 in Bremerton (baptism week! - 4 Convert Baptisms)

Like I said, this was baptism week. Many miracles lined up just in time for this weekend, and I was in awe and blessed to be a part of the Lord's great work rolling forth. Before that, though, THANK YOU mom and Charlotte and Claire for your sweet letters and for the package of goodies!! How on earth did you know that I needed pens? And that my goldfish stock was running frighteningly low? ;) Let every nation, kindred, tongue and people know that I have the best mom ever.

I love hearing all of your updates on braces, wisdom teeth, grad school, girls camp, Big Air, and EFY. I especially love hearing about you guys going to the temple and reading the scriptures and having the Elders over! It's amazing how much my love for you guys has gotten deeper even though I am away with little contact. I love you all!!

Matthew 3:13-17

Now for those baptisms. The first was a man named Chris. He had been investigating the church for about 5 months and had a lot of problems giving up smoking. Elder Zastrow and I had an amazing lesson with him where we felt we were battling Satan for his soul. It sounds intense. It was! He finally decided that this was about him and not anyone else. He gave up smoking because of the power of the Book of Mormon and set the date for baptism. He was also worried about his girlfriend who he had been living with but she had gone out of town for a while. 15 minutes before his baptism she calls and breaks up with him. He responds: "Well I'm getting baptized into the Mormon church!" and that was it. It was the right decision and he is so much happier now. When we put forth our steps of faith, the Lord provides a way.

Baptism Service for Chris

Next was Amick, who had also been investigating the church for a long time. Elder Zastrow and I applied what we had learned at our mission tour with a lesson that we had with him right after the tour. He began to take it seriously and now he knows for himself that it was the right decision!

Baptism Service for Amick

My favorite was Annette. Elder Ferrin and I met her just over 2 weeks ago while knocking doors. She ran up to us from nowhere and asked for a Book of Mormon. We gave her one and got her phone number and she ran off. I admit, I was surprised and thought that nothing would come of it. 3 days later we call and set up a church tour. One of the amazing members from the ward picks her up and joins in the lesson. She accepts what we teach and before we mention it asks about baptism. Then she starts teaching us about Joseph Smith and accepts the baptismal date for June 30th!! Turns out her mom joined the church 8 years ago and her daughter joined the church 5 years ago. Both have been bugging her to read the Book of Mormon and she finally does. She quits smoking in a matter of days and is already asking us about the temple during our Plan of Salvation lesson. Her mom and her step-dad (who baptized her) came to the baptism. It was amazing. The mom came up to me and whispered intently, "Thank you, Thank you," with tears in her eyes. Their family is healed.

Baptism Service for Annette
Annette with Elder Tommy Webber and Elder Ferrin

Last is Kyla, 9 years old, part member family. I got to baptize her! Her dad got out of jail the day before the baptism, which allowed the baptism to happen and their family grow stronger. Prayer works.

Baptism Service for Kyla

Elder Tommy Webber, Kyla's brother and Kyla

With that spirit, the scripture for the week is Mark 10:13-16

Elder Webber

P.S. Good job on your BoM reading C&C!!! I love Mosiah 4 and also chapter 5! My favorite is verse 2 which explains what it means to truly be converted to the gospel. It means that we don't want to sin any more at all, but instead we just want to help other people, and do good things like reading scriptures!!

P.P.S. hey dad could you send me your church stats on the apostles and their education/ mission/ etc? I was curious and wanted to tell my companions about it

P.P.P.S. Tell me what's been going on in Utah, Allyson! I'm going to write you soon :)

P.P.P.P.S. I am SO SO excited for you, Matthew, Charlotte, and Claire to go to EFY!! You will be right where I was when I really gained a testimony that these things are true. You will get out what you put in. If you focus that week and strongly desire to feel the spirit, you will have one of the best weeks of your life. I want to suggest that you read Alma chapter 5 either before, during, or right after that week. Especially Alma 5:26 :) Love you all!!

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