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Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 4 in Bremerton! - 4 huge experiences +pics

Hello once again family!

What an incredible week! There are 4 huge experiences this week that powerfully deepened my testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ and conviction and conversion to this beautiful gospel.

#1 on Wednesday we had the opportunity to have Elder Piper visiting from Salt Lake City of the first quorum of the 70 tour our mission and give us instruction and guidance. His main focus was on, you guessed it, member missionary work! He spoke about the organization of the church, which is, after all, Christ's church, and how miracles appear when that organization is used and unity developed. Working together can be hard to do from both sides, but when we are humble and willing to work, Heavenly Father begins to let us help in the miracles He has already planned. The most important thing is for each of us to take that first step in faith. I think about the first door I knocked or when Nephi went in unto the house of Laban, "not knowing beforehand the things he should do." That is faith. May each of us take a step in faith to be a missionary, as the prophet has asked. (Like Charlotte! Good job handing out the Book of Mormon!!!)
Elder Tommy Webber at Mission Tour

Elder Piper and wife w/ President and Sister Weaver at Mission Tour

#2 was my first baptism program on Saturday. Xavior, a 9 year old whose mom joined the church 2 years ago and recently became active again and whose dad is not a member. Because Xavior knew I was the newest missionary, he asked me to perform the baptism. What a tender, sweet, powerful moment to bring a young man into the waters of baptism, and to have Heavenly Father trust me and authorize me to assist. In the changing room, after Xavior had put on his white baptism clothes he looked down and said to me "These are my God clothes!" I once again testify of the purity and humility in children, may we all be as humble as they are. 3 Nephi 9:22!

Xavior with Tommy and other Elders at his Baptismal program

Xavior's family at the Baptism service

#3 was the missionary broadcast yesterday. I was very excited to see what the four most senior apostles had to say to the world about this miraculous, historic wave of missionary work. They are the Lord's spokesmen and they have told us that Heavenly Father wants us to do more missionary work! As it pertains to members, get to know the missionaries, get to know the investigators, ask yourself how your calling in the church can relate to missionary work, read the Book of Mormon, pray, and then go and do :)

A 3,000-member choir of full-time missionaries and other Latter-day Saints provided the music for the Work of Salvation worldwide leadership broadcast in the Marriott Center on the campus of Brigham Young University Sunday, 23 June 2013

#4 was the (final) missionary fireside in the WaTac mission. About 100 missionaries stood to sing and bear testimony of the Christ. I loved it so much. We sang Called to Serve, Battle Hymn of the Republic, He Sent His Son/ I Stand All Amazed, and of course, our mission hymn, Amazing Grace. Other musical numbers included Come Thou Fount (I thought of you mom, it was outstanding) and Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me. The testimonies were powerful and inspiring. After the fireside, in the cultural hall, the missionaries gathered for a picture and said goodbye to the Federal Way missionaries and sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again. The spirit is so strong in music.
Missionary Fireside - Singing of Christ

Missionary Fireside in Puyallup South Stake - closer in

I conclude with my love for all of you, my family and my testimony, as a representative of Jesus Christ, that He lives! He is the great Messiah and Redeemer of the world. Because of his infinite Atonement for all, no matter what we have done, His love covers all of our grief and sadness. No person must ever feel alone because He is always there. I love being able to share His love with everyone I meet. Till next week!

All my love,
Elder Webber

P.S. have fun at girls camp C&C!!
Mom - some answers:

We still get just one hour to send e-mails on Monday, unfortunately

Ean and Tiana are still being taught. We had a good restoration message with them and they liked it. They didn't make it to church yesterday for whatever reason, but we'll hopefully have a lesson with them tomorrow. Plan of Salvation :)
Some Pictures
Hike w/ Companions on Preparation Day (Monday)

My name badge and planner = My life

View from our apartment
Fun during a lightning storm

During Hike

Hike Scenery

Top of the Hike

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