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Contact Elder Tommy Webber

Washington Tacoma Mission
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Tacoma, WA 98466-4330

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week One in Tacoma, First Companion and Trainer

We are so grateful that Sister Weaver the Mission President's wife has a blog so we get a window into Elder Tommy Webber's missionary life.   We still don't know what city he has been assigned, but we saw new pictures of a training seminar and a photo of his first companion.  Through Facebook we learned his first companion is Elder Ferrin from Utah. One of Elder Ferrin's former companion's just came home and his mom let Wendy know.

We are so excited to get Tommy's first e-mail tomorrow as Monday is his first P-Day (preparation day for laundry and letters) since he arrived in Tacoma last Tuesday.

Elder Webber (Tommy) with his first companion and trainer - Elder Ferrin on the right.
Tommy's MTC companion (Elder Sommercorn) 
with glasses, is right behind elder Ferrin's head at next table.

The 21 new arriving Sisters and 11 new Elders
(Tommy is tall handsome blonde in the back on the right but not really on the back row)

The 32 new new missionaries AND their trainers

An article in the Deseret News reported that since October, when the prophet, Thomas S. Monson announced a lowering in the age that Elders and Sister could serve, over 10,000 more missionaries have left to serve. increase_in_missionaries

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