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Monday, May 11, 2015

My Last in Lacey! Goodbye, Beautiful WaTac

Dear Family,

Thank you for everything!!! It was fun to see you on skype yesterday, I hope Mother's Day was great for you, mom. I can't wait to see you all on Wednesday!

Departing missionaries temple trip
This week was our temple trip for the departing missionaries. It was wonderful. I love the temple and the spirit there, and I felt a sense of love and success towards my mission. Honestly, there is a giant jumble of emotions right now, but on the top is happiness. I look back with a smile and look forward with determination and excitement. My mission won't end as long as I keep serving. 

The Espinoza's all came to church, and we'll get to see them again tonight. They are so awesome, I hope you can meet them. After transfer calls came it started to really hit more that I'm leaving. But Elder Bradshaw is staying and getting Elder Guymon. He was trained by Elder Sharp. They'll have fun together and do well in Lacey. Elder Bradshaw is very competent and will do great the rest of his mission. I'm so glad I could serve with him my last transfer.

I want to close with my testimony and what my mission means to me. I have been doing a lot of reflecting and writing and pondering on the last two years, and I come back to my testimony of Jesus Christ. He is the center and the focus of all that we do. I know that He lives and I have felt His love. He has been with me on the most difficult parts of my mission, and gave me strength to do what I could not on my own. That is why we have trials, and that is how I know that God lives. It is so evident that this is His Church. It is led by a living Prophet. I have felt in my heart and heard in my mind that the Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith really did see The Father and The Son and restore all things onto the earth.

I am so grateful Jesus Christ has allowed me to serve Him here in the WaTac and I will forever love this blessed land. It will be so hard to leave these people I love. Companions, members, converts, and others I have taught. As well as President and Sister Blatter, they are so wonderful. But like I said, the future is bright and the gospel is true, so what is there to fear? My trust is in my God and all will be well because of Him.

All my love,
Elder Thomas Webber

Scripture: Psalm 62:8

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lacey: "Amazing Grace"

Dear Family,

I really don't have a lot of time now to e-mail but I am grateful for all of your e-mails! Lots of thoughts still buzzing around, but they have been centered on my mission experience and the theme of Amazing Grace. I love that hymn. I'll share my "final report" with you later.

Elder Webber stops by the chapel and the cubs are doing aviation merit badge
This week was pretty busy, we went on 2 exchanges with Lacey 3rd and Lacey 2nd and did a LOT of service. And we'll have a lot this week too. Helping people move, doing yard work, etc. The sun has been out and people are out and things are growing like crazy. We have been trying to find more people, and that is the mission goal this week too. Last week Elder Bradshaw and I called it exact obedience week and this week we want to have exact diligence week :) I'm excited to work hard.

We had a good church tour with Daniel on Tuesday and another lesson on Friday. He was going to come to church but he got called in to work last minute :( And this weekend he is going to his older sister's graduation from Gonzaga in eastern WA. So hopefully the 17th! The Espinoza's are still doing good. Their older daughter came to church again with a  big smile on her face. I love Lacey.

More beautiful Washington lakes
I had my last interview with President Blatter on Tuesday and it was pretty much all about home and my future and helpful advice. I am so grateful for President Blatter. He has helped me grow tremendously since he got here. And the same with President Weaver. I am so lucky! Blessed, I mean :)

Well, there's so much more I could say, but I will just see you on skype on Sunday for Mother's Day and then, well, next week! Love you all, have a great week!

Love Elder Webber

Scripture: Mosiah 16:8-9 (one of my favorite scriptures on the Resurrection)