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Monday, August 26, 2013

Raymond (and Westport Branch!) week 7


I love so much to hear from you and all the wonderful updates of family and friends. So many good things. Life cannot get better for me. Serving the Lord, in the WA-TAC. The best mission ever!

Probably the most exciting news this week is in Westport! Westport is a small tourist town just north of Raymond. It's the tip of one of the cracks in Washington. Driving there is fun because we get to pass the Pacific Ocean and see the beach. I've lived in all three states on the west coast now. A few fun things from Westport, on the way into town, passing through the endless forests of Washington we saw three road kill! A porcupine, a deer, and a bear! Oh my. There are also tons of cranberry fields, just like you see in those Ocean Spray commercials with the old guy. They flood the fields and all the cranberries float to the top. On Friday we did our tracting 5-7 pm in Westport near North Cove, on Wash-a-way beach. They call it that because the beach gets closer and closer to the houses and washes them away! One member lives right on the beach and their house has not much time left. They have a good attitude about it though. They say they'll be there until the Lord wants them to leave, ha ha. It's just a vacation home, so don't worry. Anyway it was fun to do some knocking on the beach, even though everyone was mean to us that day.

We also went to church in Westport! What a great experience, the branch is small but it is strong. A missionary who just returned home spoke in church (from Shelton, a different ward) and a high council member, both great talks. They even had a musical number, "Come Thou Fount" can't go wrong with that! The branch president is from Scotland so he has a cool accent and he is very supportive of us. He strongly encouraged the members to have referrals in mind to bring to church to the ward mission leader! Perfect.

Lastly, Kris's family is doing fantastic. Kris got the priesthood yesterday and his daughter's baptism is this weekend!! Alexis, the 9 year old daughter is so, so, so smart! Especially in the gospel. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and asked where Adam and Eve lived. She responded, "something like Adam-Ondi-Ahman right?"  Elder Green and I just laughed and her parents looked super confused. She's kind of right if you  read the D&C, ha ha. She loves the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and was bummed she had to wait another week for her baptism. We love, love, love that family.

Elder Tommy Webber hears he is staying in Raymond
Scripture for the week is Romans 8:16-17. Elder Green and I memorized this. We memorize one scripture a week, so I'll probably be giving you that one

A ward member sent this text and picture to Wendy from a dinner appointment
“Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful, faithful, diligent, obedient sons with us!  We love them!  They are doing so well here in Raymond and are doing so much to revitalize the missionary efforts in our area!  They are both exceptional missionaries!  We feel very grateful that they are serving in our area!  You both must be amazing mothers to have raised such fine sons!  It is my hope that you will see Father’s great blessings pouring into your lives because of your sons outstanding service!  Thank you again for sharing them and supporting them!  They are doing the Lords work and many, many people are being blessed for their efforts!  With lots of love and a grateful heart, Sister Hamilton”

So much love, you're happier than ever brother/son
Elder Webber

During morning study of the life of Jesus, Tommy can't shake influence of Harry Potter

Elders Webber and Green at the Elma Zone Conference

Elder Webber at the Elma Zone Conference

Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 6 in Raymond. We were not transfered

My Family,

Good news: I'm staying in Raymond! And so is Elder Green!! We are so so so happy. This next month should be the best yet (they keep getting better). Ah, I just love Raymond, there is such a great ward (congregation) here and Elder Green and I get along so well, we are so very similar. Not to mention there are so many prepared people we are teaching. Our first month together we did a lot of finding. Now, we get to do a lot of teaching and baptizing!

The Missionaries serving in the Elma Zone
So in this letter, I will get into some gospel doctrine stuff, which of course being a missionary I love talk about. I also want to include here some of the funny, Washington-esque, or interesting stories and facts! This week we got our first real rain of my mission, it wasn't too hard or too long, but I needed my coat. Also, there are thousands and thousands of ripe blackberries all along the roads, they are just the right tracting treat as we walk along. They also remind me a lot of living in Oregon. We see deer everywhere we go, some are even domesticated. They just walk around in peoples' yards. A member fed us sausage with pork, bear, and elk meat. That was a first. All of which he hunted himself. It was actually really good. And of course, it's not western Washington without unlimited trees or dogs. I wasn't a fan of dogs before I left, and my mission hasn't made that any better! I got bit this week, pretty gnarly. But it's not that bad :)

The work this week was hard. Almost every lesson we scheduled fell through, and we had low attendance at church. Not sure why because we were working hard, but some weeks are just like that I think. We had to leave the apartment with no set plans and rely on the Lord more. That's a good thing. No matter what, how hard or tiresome or slow it seems, you keep being obedient, and hold fast in diligence. The blessings may just come "next week." On a happier note, Kris will be ordained and receive the priesthood next Sunday, and the next Saturday his daughter will be baptized! Also, Terry blessed the sacrament yesterday in church and did an awesome job!! We were so happy and proud.

WA Sunset at South Bend

One more experience I had this week. On Friday morning, before personal study at 8:00 am, Elder Green was talking about Joseph Smith and how great he is. I was prompted to do my personal study on the topic of the prophet Joseph Smith for my morning study. I began, as usual with a prayer, and asked my Heavenly Father that he would let me know if Joseph Smith was truly a prophet. This knowledge I already have. But like praying about the Book of Mormon, I believe that we should continue to ask for additional confirmation that it is true. Always refresh and reawaken your spiritual testimony. It is a like fire, it needs more wood! I studied everything I could find about Joseph Smith, especially from scriptures. I pondered it in my head, thought about it, and humbly asked again, in faith. Again the thought came to mind, "Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God." I kept asking and kept thinking, and that thought became more and more clear. I also paid attention to how I felt. After I had finished my personal study, I realized how peaceful and calm I felt. This is how revelation works, sometimes it takes longer.  I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet!!

Elder Webber Walking the Streets at Sunset

Scriptures for the week are John 14:26 (importance of gift of Holy Ghost) and 2 Nephi 31:19-20  (endure to the end!!)

Elder Webber

P.S. Thank you so much for the cookies!!! And thank you grandma for your goodies package, those are so fun.
P.P.S. Dad could you send in the next letter a printed copy of my list of "Inspirational Quotes" on my word docs? It has a big list of my favorite quotes from General Authorities.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 5 in RAYMOND - Kris was baptized

Hello again beautiful family.

I'm so happy. Missionary work is just so much fun. Thank you so much everyone for your love and support. We got to have a short interview with President Weaver this week, those of us serving in the Elma Zone. He gave me and Elder Green so much thanks. In this past week, I've received so much thanks. From members, leaders, family, and friends. It may look like I'm doing a ton, but I'm just being a missionary. If anything looks like a miracle, it is. And it's from the Lord. None of this could have happened without Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

Elder Webber & Elder Green
You know that makes me think of the Atonement. A lot of things in the gospel are two-fold. The Fall brought sin and death, the Atonement brings immortality and eternal life. There is a lot of "two" when you look for it. The Atonement also can be thought of to bring two blessings. I learned about this from a conference talk entitled, "Clean Hands and A Pure Heart." I think from Elder Bednar (he's really great). He taught that the Atonement can both clean our hands and purify our heart. To have clean hands means to have repented of our sins. It makes me think of bigger sins, sins of "commissions" (bad things that we do). Through repentance - a broken heart and a contrite spirit - we can be clean from that! That is amazing, because when we are clean we are ready for part two:  a pure heart. The scriptures talk a lot about a pure heart. Jesus taught that the pure in heart will see God. Have a pure heart makes me think of being free from sins of "omission" (good things that we don't do). When we work righteous all day and strive to be more Christ-like, have greater faith, Hope, and charity. Overcoming both is possible only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

I mention this because as a I do everything I can, as I am obedient and diligent, as I "just do it" (as Nike and my dad would teach) God helps me so much. He strengthens me to do things I could not ever do on my own. Like be doubled into an new area and baptizing two people, and bringing a family back into the gospel. Or any other miracle I've seen the last 5 weeks. Whatever your calling: missionary, bishop, apostle, ward pianist, deacons quorum secretary, or returning member, do all you can and His "grace is sufficient." He will help, uplift, strengthen, fortify, protect, encourage, and give peace. How wonderful is this gospel!! Ah I'm so happy all the time.

Baptismal Service for Kris

Like I told about last week, Kris was baptized and his family is coming back into the church. They are so cool. They participate actively at church and are so excited to go to the temple in one year, to be sealed as a family. There is no greater goal in life. That is the best of the best. We gave Kris's 15 year old son a Preach My Gospel and a challenge to read chapter 3 (the missionary lessons). He is going to help us teach his 9 year old sister. And then she can be baptized! Kris and his son will receive the priesthood in a week or two, then one of them can baptize her. Also, Terry received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and he is doing so well!! He loves learning. We're hoping for another baptism this weekend, a Chinese lady named Mia we've been teaching. It may or may not happen. Let's pray! She's ready and knows its true. Fernando (17), Kenny (30's part member family), and Layton (70) are also on track. We hope for more baptisms before next transfer!

Kris about to be baptized by his friend

Kris, family and Missionaries

The scripture for this week is Alma 18: 34-35
Last week's scripture is Acts 2: 36-38, 41

Elder Webber

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 4 in Raymond - another miracle!

Wonderful Family,

Sorry this e-mail is a day late, yesterday for our P-day we had a mission wide activity! It took about an hour and a half to get there (in Lakewood) but it was so fun. The WA-TAC has a special love and unity between all the missionaries. I remember my first day in the field at transfer meeting feeling like I knew so few people, only those in my MTC group. Now I have a blast with them there. I got to catch up with Elders Lonas and Ferrin and many others. President and Sister Weaver are also so wonderful. They are very much like our parents in this figurative mission life. We also had some skits, awards, and sang our mission songs (Called to Serve, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Amazing Grace).

Elder Green and I are continuing to LOVE Raymond. There is so much here to do that the Lord has been preparing for us. We are richly blessed. Terry is doing super great he reads scriptures a ton and comes and participates in church every week. Sunday was very exciting because we had Terry and 6 investigators at church!! Six! Elder Green and I teach Gospel Principles second hour and our class was huge! The ward was visibly excited and we had an amazing testimony meeting. I had the chance to bear my testimony of the Savior and express my joy and excitement. I listened to Elder Nelson's talk "Catch the Wave" from last April conference today. I am catching the wave. I encourage all of you to "catch the wave."

Terry's Baptism last week

Now for another miracle! Last Monday we had a lesson with a man named Kris. We heard about Kris as a referral from the Aberdeen Elders (the ward next to us) who saw Kris and his family at church. They live in our area but went to the wrong ward. Turns out, Kris is the father of a part member family. The wife and kids joined the church 5 years ago, but due to many trials, fell off the path and the mom relapsed with a smoking habit. They then both lost their jobs and had to live with a family they knew. They're trying right now to get back to school and get jobs and find a place to live. So far so good right? OK, it sounds bad. The good new is that family they're staying with are active members! They brought them to church last Sunday and Kris loved it! We went over Monday night to have a lesson. We taught the Restoration, with no greater conviction or effort than we have with anyone else. But Kris was ready. The Spirit bore powerful witness to him of the truthfulness of our words. He told us he felt good, warm, a feeling he had never before felt though he had been to many churches. We told him about baptism and he leaned forward and said excitedly, "What do I have to do to be baptized?!" We were in shock and bliss. His baptism is this Saturday. Last Sunday they came to our ward and his wife went up to bear her testimony and introduce herself to the ward. They are both thrilled to be a family in the gospel. Kris plans on baptizing his 9 year old daughter as soon as he gets the priesthood. They look forward to being sealed as a family in one year and their 15 year old son plans on serving a mission.

Do you see the miracle? I hope you feel excited about this, because I am!! Here's a family about to partake of the greatest joy life can offer: a family centered in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love our Savior and His work.

Lastly, thank you so much Las Flores Ward, Westcott family, Kayla, Maddy, Megan M, Amy (surprisingly I got that one post card, thanks to the post office's great cryptography department), and especially grandma for your letters, love and support!! And most of all, family!

Love you all,
Elder Webber

P.S. Dad: Elder Green has a calculator watch and with a laugh it always reminds me of you.

Udd Road - somewhere in south west Washington