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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 5 in RAYMOND - Kris was baptized

Hello again beautiful family.

I'm so happy. Missionary work is just so much fun. Thank you so much everyone for your love and support. We got to have a short interview with President Weaver this week, those of us serving in the Elma Zone. He gave me and Elder Green so much thanks. In this past week, I've received so much thanks. From members, leaders, family, and friends. It may look like I'm doing a ton, but I'm just being a missionary. If anything looks like a miracle, it is. And it's from the Lord. None of this could have happened without Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

Elder Webber & Elder Green
You know that makes me think of the Atonement. A lot of things in the gospel are two-fold. The Fall brought sin and death, the Atonement brings immortality and eternal life. There is a lot of "two" when you look for it. The Atonement also can be thought of to bring two blessings. I learned about this from a conference talk entitled, "Clean Hands and A Pure Heart." I think from Elder Bednar (he's really great). He taught that the Atonement can both clean our hands and purify our heart. To have clean hands means to have repented of our sins. It makes me think of bigger sins, sins of "commissions" (bad things that we do). Through repentance - a broken heart and a contrite spirit - we can be clean from that! That is amazing, because when we are clean we are ready for part two:  a pure heart. The scriptures talk a lot about a pure heart. Jesus taught that the pure in heart will see God. Have a pure heart makes me think of being free from sins of "omission" (good things that we don't do). When we work righteous all day and strive to be more Christ-like, have greater faith, Hope, and charity. Overcoming both is possible only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

I mention this because as a I do everything I can, as I am obedient and diligent, as I "just do it" (as Nike and my dad would teach) God helps me so much. He strengthens me to do things I could not ever do on my own. Like be doubled into an new area and baptizing two people, and bringing a family back into the gospel. Or any other miracle I've seen the last 5 weeks. Whatever your calling: missionary, bishop, apostle, ward pianist, deacons quorum secretary, or returning member, do all you can and His "grace is sufficient." He will help, uplift, strengthen, fortify, protect, encourage, and give peace. How wonderful is this gospel!! Ah I'm so happy all the time.

Baptismal Service for Kris

Like I told about last week, Kris was baptized and his family is coming back into the church. They are so cool. They participate actively at church and are so excited to go to the temple in one year, to be sealed as a family. There is no greater goal in life. That is the best of the best. We gave Kris's 15 year old son a Preach My Gospel and a challenge to read chapter 3 (the missionary lessons). He is going to help us teach his 9 year old sister. And then she can be baptized! Kris and his son will receive the priesthood in a week or two, then one of them can baptize her. Also, Terry received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and he is doing so well!! He loves learning. We're hoping for another baptism this weekend, a Chinese lady named Mia we've been teaching. It may or may not happen. Let's pray! She's ready and knows its true. Fernando (17), Kenny (30's part member family), and Layton (70) are also on track. We hope for more baptisms before next transfer!

Kris about to be baptized by his friend

Kris, family and Missionaries

The scripture for this week is Alma 18: 34-35
Last week's scripture is Acts 2: 36-38, 41

Elder Webber

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