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Monday, August 26, 2013

Raymond (and Westport Branch!) week 7


I love so much to hear from you and all the wonderful updates of family and friends. So many good things. Life cannot get better for me. Serving the Lord, in the WA-TAC. The best mission ever!

Probably the most exciting news this week is in Westport! Westport is a small tourist town just north of Raymond. It's the tip of one of the cracks in Washington. Driving there is fun because we get to pass the Pacific Ocean and see the beach. I've lived in all three states on the west coast now. A few fun things from Westport, on the way into town, passing through the endless forests of Washington we saw three road kill! A porcupine, a deer, and a bear! Oh my. There are also tons of cranberry fields, just like you see in those Ocean Spray commercials with the old guy. They flood the fields and all the cranberries float to the top. On Friday we did our tracting 5-7 pm in Westport near North Cove, on Wash-a-way beach. They call it that because the beach gets closer and closer to the houses and washes them away! One member lives right on the beach and their house has not much time left. They have a good attitude about it though. They say they'll be there until the Lord wants them to leave, ha ha. It's just a vacation home, so don't worry. Anyway it was fun to do some knocking on the beach, even though everyone was mean to us that day.

We also went to church in Westport! What a great experience, the branch is small but it is strong. A missionary who just returned home spoke in church (from Shelton, a different ward) and a high council member, both great talks. They even had a musical number, "Come Thou Fount" can't go wrong with that! The branch president is from Scotland so he has a cool accent and he is very supportive of us. He strongly encouraged the members to have referrals in mind to bring to church to the ward mission leader! Perfect.

Lastly, Kris's family is doing fantastic. Kris got the priesthood yesterday and his daughter's baptism is this weekend!! Alexis, the 9 year old daughter is so, so, so smart! Especially in the gospel. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and asked where Adam and Eve lived. She responded, "something like Adam-Ondi-Ahman right?"  Elder Green and I just laughed and her parents looked super confused. She's kind of right if you  read the D&C, ha ha. She loves the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and was bummed she had to wait another week for her baptism. We love, love, love that family.

Elder Tommy Webber hears he is staying in Raymond
Scripture for the week is Romans 8:16-17. Elder Green and I memorized this. We memorize one scripture a week, so I'll probably be giving you that one

A ward member sent this text and picture to Wendy from a dinner appointment
“Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful, faithful, diligent, obedient sons with us!  We love them!  They are doing so well here in Raymond and are doing so much to revitalize the missionary efforts in our area!  They are both exceptional missionaries!  We feel very grateful that they are serving in our area!  You both must be amazing mothers to have raised such fine sons!  It is my hope that you will see Father’s great blessings pouring into your lives because of your sons outstanding service!  Thank you again for sharing them and supporting them!  They are doing the Lords work and many, many people are being blessed for their efforts!  With lots of love and a grateful heart, Sister Hamilton”

So much love, you're happier than ever brother/son
Elder Webber

During morning study of the life of Jesus, Tommy can't shake influence of Harry Potter

Elders Webber and Green at the Elma Zone Conference

Elder Webber at the Elma Zone Conference

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