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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 3 in RAYMOND! - Another Book of Mormon Conversion Story


I just love all of you so much. I hope that you can feel that through this e-mail today. You have no idea how much your love, support, and prayers lift and carry me day to day. Reading your quick updates and awesome experiences bring me so much happiness. I look forward to it every week, but I also try to keep focused on the work.

The most exciting thing this week was Terry's baptism. I'll get you a picture next week (sorry!) This was the first baptism in Raymond in 8 months! The Bishop, Ward Mission Leader, and members were all excited. We met Terry the second day in Raymond. We went to donate food to the food bank that the members bring to church. Being new, we came an hour too late and the food bank had closed. But outside were an elderly lady and her disabled son with a broken down truck. Helping them was Terry. We got out to see what we could do and together fixed their truck. They drove off, but we still stayed and talked to Terry. We told him about the Book of Mormon and he sounded interested. Terry is very humble and teachable and found the gospel to make sense right away! He read through the whole Book of Mormon in about 3 days! At a church tour we set a date for baptism and he gave up chewing tobacco and progressed right along. We love teaching Terry because we actually learn from him while we are there!

The other amazing part of this week was getting your e-mail, Claire and your letter, Matthew. Hearing about your experiences and testimonies grow gave me so much joy and happiness. I have such profound love for each of you guys: Mom, Dad, Allyson, Matthew, Charlotte, and Claire. I have been blessed with a deeper love for others. The strongest is for you guys. The second thing we teach as missionaries is that the gospel blesses families. This is so so so so true. I think back to the night I was set apart as a missionary. That night stands out as the most singular powerful experience of my life. The Spirit was ever-present to everyone in that room. I felt in a very real sense that we are sealed as a family. How amazing is that!! This love is so precious, so real, and so important. I feel love for many others too. For my companion Elder Green, we get along so well and have so much fun. Working together every day, side by side, supporting and serving each other, he is my best friend here. I feel love for those we teach. I really enjoy talking to Terry and I desire the best for him and everyone else I meet.

These blessings of love alone merit the need for the gospel in everyone's life :)

Moroni 7:48

Lots and lots of love,
Elder Webber

P.S. Mom I also got your Dear Elder letter today :) that was fun


Elder Green and I laughed so hard to see our families together!! I probably should have guessed it coming. It made both of us really happy. We talk about you two moms a lot and realized how similar you two are as missionary moms :) I loved hearing the update in Utah and the fun stuff we do there. And dad's African garb ha ha
I also like seeing Matthew and Charlotte's EFY bands, ha ha!

Note: While on vacation to Utah, we were able to connect and visit with Elder Green's family in Ogden, Utah.  We had a great visit and they are a wonderful family.  It was a unique opportunity to be with them and to talk about our sons while they are actually serving together.  We sent these pictures to Elder Webber and Elder Green.
Elder Green and Elder Webber's Moms meet
Family picture

Annual Brockbank Education fundraiser
(Elder Webber's Grandma Kay started it in 2001 after her mission)

-- Back to Tommy's letter to his Mom.

The members did have their baby! Sunday morning. Its their 6th child, a girl. We gave Brother and Sister Angelovich (our landlord) a priesthood blessing on Saturday after our baptism. Oh, by the way we had a baptism!! I'll tell you more soon. We made their family a chocolate cake :)

Love, Elder Webber

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