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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MANETTE - people for days, hospitals, and rain

Dear Family,

I hope all is well. I'm glad you could visit grandpa Bob and Nan in Indiana, that looked like lots of fun. We had a good week up in the Wa-Tac. Things feel a little cooled down from last week, as we are adjusting to Manette and getting to know more people. Funny story, Thursday was our park day (park our cars and go on bike) and it was the first day that it rained this transfer. And it caught up by raining a lot. We got home feeling like we had jumped in the Puget Sound. Saturday night there was a big wind and rain storm too. We also have the Harrison Medical Center in our area, pretty close to our apartment, so we get calls like once a week to give a blessing to someone. Both members, one from Port Angeles, one from Port Orchard. And we've helped in two moves since we've been here. Both were unorganized and dirty :P . We left covered in cat hair and smelling like smoke.

Elder MacCarthy has been opening up more and he is the sweetest guy. A really good "green" trainee to have ha, ha. He never complains and is always willing to work hard. We are working together on teaching the lessons and having him prepare things to say.

Christmas Party
Jeremy is doing well! He was at the beach this weekend with his parent, but they came back in time for the Seahawks game, so he came to church! He did give in with his smoking problem, Sunday morning, but if he can make it all this week he can be baptized this Saturday! He is so ready. Not a lot of time left, but things really are good. I love Manette and I am happy to be a missionary. I learn and grow each day. Still make mistakes, but I'm able to repent quickly and learn what I need.

at Night, apparently
Elder Webber

Scripture: Mosiah 29:19-20 (Humility leads to deliverance from bondage, while God's arm of mercy is always extended)

P.S. Seahawks won yesterday. Looks like they'll be in two super bowls in a row, both years on my mission :) A guy from elders' quorum kept giving us updates at church ha, ha

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