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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Manette is Great

Dear Family,

Yes, you may call me Thomas, Tómas, and Tommie-Salomie when I get home :)

This week was great, and Jeremy is doing so good! Yesterday he was ordained to a priest in the Aaronic Priesthood and we had a lesson in our elders quorum class (we have a class just for prospective elders) all about how to help prepare, bless, and pass the sacrament, and Jeremy wants to help out this next week. He also got a job which he has been praying for! We were working with him on recognizing the Holy Ghost, and Sunday he told us he felt the Holy Ghost when he heard he got the job, something that filled him with joy and happiness. He said it was not a new feeling, he realized he had felt the Spirit before in his life. It's cool when people can learn these things through their own experiences.
Elder Webber wears his "Seahawks" tie for a second year
We are also teaching a lady named Tina and she has been to the church before in the past. She has had lots of difficult life experiences, and was homeless for a few weeks, but has a place now. She is super humble and wants to be baptized, we're still working on a date! Also we are teaching a cool family, the mom's names is Carolyn. She is single with 4 kids in a tiny downstairs room. They have LDS friends. So those are some more names to pray for, I never have enough time to explain everyone's story!

We had zone conferences this week which were great. Elder Sutton (one of the APs) got a concussion Monday playing football, so Elder Slavens gave the training on his own ha, ha. He did a great job, it was all a great conference about planning, faith, baptisms, and knocking. Our mission focus is FLLOW (Faith, Love/Lessons, Obedience, Work). And our mission goal is at least 800 baptisms this year, which is about one per companionship per transfer. We are on track!

Zone Conference picture
Zone Conference Lunch

The best call in the world came yesterday. Dennis has a temple date for his endowment! February 12th which is next week. Brother Green is going to drive Elder Green and I. Dennis knows so much religious and Jewish history, I'm excited for him to teach us all about the temple. It will be one the best days of my mission, I'm sure.

I continue to love my mission and make the decision to serve Jesus Christ daily. By continuing repentance, my life has become filled with joy and peace. This work is so true, and so much fun.

Short on time again, I don't like these timed computers. But I love you all!!!

Love Elder Webber

Always finding cats

P.S. The Seahawks lost the super bowl, so the people of Washington have entered a state of depression... ha, ha just kidding, but it's cool they were in the super bowl both years I'm here.

Scripture: Alma 57:35

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  1. he is so wonderful and happy. It's like I could feel it right through his letters. He is having such success and is an incredibly obedient missionary. *i knew he would be...
    loads of love, and I need to start writing down all of these names to pray for!

    xo, shauna