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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Raymond Continues: Miracles Baptism, Elder Brown transfer, and Conference!


Way too much to tell you once again. I'll break it up into three: Dennis' miraculous baptism, transfers, and General Conference

So, as you can tell, Dennis was baptized on Monday! I am so glad that it worked out that day and for the faith of those awesome sister missionaries which preceded the miracle. Monday was one of the craziest days of my mission, it's too much to write, but it's all in my journal :) (which I am caught up in!) Dennis got there safely and we were surprised to see about 25 members come to the baptism which was finalized only the day before. That's about how many show up for church. So the entire branch came, really. Dennis was beaming more than his usual self, and the spirit was powerfully present.  Elder Green and I filled the font. Before the service we stood for a moment besides the font, in a little back room, just the two of us. For a minute we finally caught a breath and realized what was actually happening. We quietly knelt together and said a prayer that everything would go OK. That was a sacred moment. The spirit calmed my frantic, fanatic heart and brought a great peace. We helped Dennis change and helped him down each of the 5 steps to the font. I was able to do the baptism, and Elder Green stood in the font as well for safety. What an awesome symbol of companionship unity. Right before he went down, and this part is the true miracle, Dennis re-positioned his arm and feet and he went under and up, completely immersed. I don't know how it happened but it did. He was happy as can be.

Elders with Dennis and the Sisters who taught him when he was recovering from surgery

The whole teaching team after the service

That was a fun way to end a transfer together and a wonderful 3 months with Elder Green. But now on in life, on in missionary work. It is very hard to say goodbye to those you serve with, but it's the way it is. I've been trying to develop patience, endurance, and love this week. Transfer meeting was spiritual as usual. I love that we can all meet together, and the missionaries were very obedient. Singing "Amazing Grace" always gets me, ha ha. Then we drove on home to start a new adventure. Although I am in the same area, it was a hard few days to have to make all the decisions on my own: where to go, who to see, what to do. At times I felt very lonely, but quickly remembered that it is not my work, but His. Elder Brown is a great young missionary. He is from Salt Lake City and he's 18. He came out from high school. This is his second transfer, so I am "follow-up training" him. I pray that we will be able to work together well and most importantly establish a standard of hard work and obedience in the Raymond area after I leave. I truly love this part of the world.

Day 1 with new companion Elder Brown

What helped most was the outstanding general conference weekend we were able to enjoy! I was so excited and anxious to hear what the church leaders had to say. I love general conference! Especially as a missionary. Without fail, every time I go into General Conference weekend with questions and concerns in my mind, I always come out with answers. This time I decided to write down my questions and number them. Almost every talk answered my questions in some way. I can't wait to read the talks again soon and study and then apply them in my life. That is when the greatest blessing come, when we live the gospel that we have learned. My favorite talk was from Elder Richard G. Scott Sunday morning. It was so powerful to me. As I listened intently, I felt as if my Heavenly Father was speaking directly to me. It was remarkable. How grateful I am for a living prophet and apostles that can tell us exactly what God wants us to know, today!

Scripture for the week is Jacob 4:6. (ALL these witnesses!)

Much Love,
Elder Webber

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