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Monday, October 14, 2013

Raymond: The Wonderful Weavers (Mission President and Sister Weaver)

Hello family, and friends

I am doing much better this week. I don't always know why or how, but there is always something positive to look for. I notice that I automatically tend to make things good, sometimes better than they are. At the same time, I am almost always happy. It's a good way to live. I think it's because of God.

Elder Tommy Webber at Mission President Interviews

The highlight of this week was my opportunity to meet with President and Sister Weaver on Thursday. Each missionary gets a chance this transfer to have interviews. This happens every other transfer. Much like general conference, I decided to prepare for it with questions in mind about what I needed. It helped a lot because we were able to talk about my needs and they both gave me awesome advice, encouragement, and especially, love. President Monson has said several times, "the catalyst in this work has been and always will be, the attribute of love" or something like that. President Weaver gave me advice on how to be a better "follow-up trainer" how to better help Elder Brown. He also told me how I can have better personal studies. President Weaver loves the Old Testament, ha ha. And with Sister Weaver; I have met few people who have as much love and charity in their heart than Sister Weaver. She was so kind to me and thanked me for what I'm doing. I learned that each missionary has their highs and lows. The great missionaries are those who rise when they are in the bottom of their lows. "Repent and rise"! Repentance is awesome. I got to tell her about my favorite scripture, 3 Nephi 9:22 and bear my testimony. Afterward she told me that above my head on the wall behind me there was a picture of Jesus with little children. (We met in the primary room). How perfect.

Tommy's Companion and District
Related to optimism, my companion, Elder Brown had an ear infection this week. On Wednesday, after district meeting we had to drive to Chehalis to have a doctor check it out. After the 45 minute drive to Aberdeen for District Meeting, it was a 2 1/2 hour drive to Chehalis and an hour and a half drive back to Raymond. Kinda put a dent in the missionary work that day. But, it was a necessary visit, and so I didn't complain. What was actually fun was the drive itself, it was absolutely beautiful! We drove through all the millions of Washington trees and the brown-red-orange-yellow changing trees of autumn, dispersed throughout! I love the WA.TAC! Look for something positive.

Finally, there is exciting news about Layton. We came over twice this week. The first time we read 2 Nephi 31 with him and talked about baptism which we've discussed a lot. We put on the table October 26th for baptism, but he wanted to do it by the end of the year. The second time we came over we talked about the sacrament and enduring to the end and then baptism again. Layton told us he has been really praying about it and thinking about the LDS church and everything he's learned and also his whole life. (He's a very reflective person). He told us that he feels he has been waiting for something his whole life, he feels that God has preserved him for something his whole life, and that he thinks this is it! With the spirit pouring into the room like waves, we invited him to be baptized on November 9th, and he agreed!!! I met Layton my first day in Raymond, and here he is, a totally new person, with so much more growth waiting ahead of him. this is a huge leap and he is feeling ready. What a miracle! Layton is one of those people that I feel Heavenly Father sent me here to teach. We connect very well. And Elder Brown is doing an awesome job teaching him as well.

Knocking on doors, end of a street in Westport

Layton is related to President Wilford Woodruff. On Friday, we visited Dennis and I helped him understand how to do genealogy. Dad, If you hadn't taught me how to do it, I wouldn't have known how to teach Dennis. And Dennis is entering probably hundreds of names a week!! I told him how to use the church's PAF program, because a member came and installed it for him. :)
We gave out 10 Book of Mormons this last week, that might be a record in Raymond.

Finally, guess what? Good news! The gospel! ha, ha, oh, but also it's supposed to be sunshine all week! So much for Washington rain. This summer is the best in Washington in like 20 years, we heard. Best summer in my past 20 years too :)

Scripture for this week is Moroni 7:13. Hurrah for good things!

The path led to the Ocean

Much love, and keeping up the smile,
Elder Webber

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