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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Final Font! Webber and Green's last hurrah - Baptism, then a New Companion

Oh Family,

I am so excited right now!!! So many crazy things this week and so many things to come!

To begin, let it suffice to say that missionaries have a unique outlook on baptism. Also, sister missionaries have vastly more faith and persistence than elders. They are overall more profitable missionaries I think. As I called it last week, Webber and Green's penultimate plan is about to be fulfilled tonight!! We had many bumps in the road but Dennis will be baptized tonight!!

Baptismal Service Invite

Missionaries who taught Dennis

All things were good to go last week, even until Wednesday night when we heard about some concerns for Dennis's health. True, he is finishing his recovery from a full hip surgery, and so some were concerned about getting him down the steps and under water safely. He has made a remarkable recovery, no doubt helped by the priesthood blessing he received before the operation and the faith of him and all of us involved. But there were some doubts. The sister missionaries, who have been teaching him the past 3 or 4 weeks, talked to him and we decided to postpone the baptism. So we made all the phone calls, to members and our branch president, branch mission leader, saying it would probably be the next week or the following. Then we get a mysterious text from the sisters on Friday about faith and hope and a possible miracle. We talk to them some time later and they are bubbling with excitement for Dennis, saying he might just be ready for baptism sooner! Elder Green and I are unsure, but we decide to pray and to fast for a miracle. They talk to Dennis Sunday morning (by the way he has already finished the Book of Mormon and started again, making it his 4th reading) and pray with him and Dennis decides he is ready!! This may sound crazy, but this is how it goes. We are still praying things will go smoothly, and the baptism is scheduled for tonight! (A few more prayers wouldn't hurt). We call all the branch leaders again and they rally to support Dennis.

Last weekend together as Companions

You may ask why the rush, but there is danger in putting off a baptism for any reason if the candidate is ready. And Dennis is ready, spiritually, for sure, and physically, we hope. Good thing we believe in miracles :) Elder Green and I are both going to be in the font helping it go OK.

Tommy at a Conference

Otherwise, transfers are here again! Tomorrow! Sadly Elder Green and I are parting ways, but what a thrilling, exciting, memorable, remarkable, miraculous 3 months we have had together. It has been a blast. I love that guy so much and we have developed such a friendship and love for this area. I pray with all my heart every night for the people who live here, for the members, and especially those precious souls I am so privileged to serve.  Coming here is Elder Brown, I think he is relatively new. Also I'm a District Leader now. Yikes. Elder Green is going to Tacoma! On bike! He will be follow-up training again (meaning his companion is just one transfer out on his mission) and Elder Green will be a District Leader there in Tacoma. I am anxious and excited for a new transfer, a new companion, and new miracles. I hope Elder Brown is ready to work.

The missionaries in the Elma Zone

Otherwise, it has started raining. Really raining. Over Saturday and Sunday it rained 7 inches, ha ha. Good thing I have a rain coat. And it will keep raining for a looong time.

The fitting scripture for the week is Mosiah 18:11 !!! (it's about baptism :D )

Tommy at a Conference

And finally, Thank you so much Osterhouts for the package!! I especially enjoyed Jonas's picture of me vacuuming, Clara's voracious Harry Potter reading (I'm very proud), and those delicious (Trader Joe's!) chocolates :) you guys are the best.

Love Elder Webber

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