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Monday, November 11, 2013

The End of Raymond, Baptism, Pictures, Transfer, Maps

Dear Family!!

I have a transfer call!! I am leaving Raymond and going to serve the Lord in Steilacoom, Lakewood area. Lakewood is just outside of Tacoma, another big city with lots of people and lots of work, very similar to Bremerton. I am very excited for a new area and new adventures. This time I will be on bike, no car, and just in time for the rain!! Yay! At least I'll get super fit. Bike elders have a special bond. My new companion will be Elder Hansen, he has been out for 3 months, and is from Rexburg, Idaho. I am also very sad to be leaving Raymond, I have had a feeling it would be my last week, and it is very hard to say goodbye to those I love, the investigators, the members, and most of all the recent converts. And Elder Brown.

The baptism for Isreal was awesome!! We were able to do it in Trap Creek, a river just outside of Raymond. Prayers were answered and there was no rain. One of the members that knows Isreal performed the baptism. It was very unforgettable. I love that family and I am so excited for the blessings of the gospel (and soon the temple) to be in their life.
Isreal's Baptism
Isreal's Baptism Service

Also, one more sweet experience. At church yesterday, my last Sunday in Raymond, it happened to be the Primary program. I love kids and I loved being able to see Alexis up there and singing. She already knows the words to the primary songs. She sings "I Am a Child of God" every morning! I was able to see her mom and Kris sitting in the congregation watching her. There was so much love in their expressions and in their eyes for their daughter. As they sang "Families Can Be Together" Vanessa sang along and Kris leaned forward, they both had a huge smile on their faces and I did too. I admit, I couldn't help but tear up. As I looked around and saw all the families that I know - I think I knew everyone in the congregation by name, and had visited with most of them - I was filled with love for the Raymond Ward, and I love the converts that I have had the privilege to teach: Terry, Kris, Alexis, Dennis, and Isreal (and Layton too, he'll get baptized someday :) ). It was another beautiful moment I will never forget. 

Elder Webber says goodbye to Raymond

And good-bye to Elder Brown

Why missionary work? "that joy which is unspeakable and full of glory" Helaman 5:44

Much Love,
Elder Webber

P.S. congrats Matthew for finishing your eagle project!! and a new car, ha ha, that's awesome.

Hello Steilacoom, Washington

Steilacoom Ward Chapel and Boundaries (in Blue) including two islands

Steilacoom Ward, Lakewood Stake Boundaries (in Green)

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