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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Steilacoom Starts: Elder Webber is on a bike!


There is a lot to tell you, it has been a crazy week. Started with some goodbyes in Raymond, lots of pictures,  (see below) and the long drive out of Raymond. I'll really miss it there. I am very happy with what I was able to help with in Raymond. Transfer meeting was uplifting and spiritual as always, and one highlight was that I was asked to conduct the music this time. My first time conducting the whole mission!! I was actually a little nervous before going up, but it was a blast, I never get tired of 200+ missionaries shouting Called to Serve. The most powerful and emotional part was Elder Dudschus who had to leave for home for another surgery and this time for good. He was asked to give his testimony along with the other missionaries who had finished 2 years. Despite a brave effort, he couldn't hold back tears as he bore a powerful testimony of the truth and divinity of this work, the miracle of a mission, and his valiant ability to face the future and God's will, contrary to his own. He fought to be a missionary and I pray for a part of his faith. Immediately after we all sang "Amazing Grace" and Elder Dudschus stood on the stand in between President and Sister Weaver, under their arms. Most of the mission was in tears as we all sang of the goodness, mercy and love of the Savior of us all.

Now on to Steilacoom (pronounced "Still-ah-cum")! This is very different from Raymond, there are a lot more houses and a lot more people and a lot smaller area! It is about 30 minutes outside of Tacoma, and right on the water of the Puget Sound! It is actually a very nice neighborhood, haven't seen any homeless people, it's mostly suburb-type homes in neat neighborhoods. The ward is absolutely wonderful. About 150-175 active members and they all love the missionaries! We get fed every night and our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Agor (we all call him "Papa") is a short, bald, old Hawaiian man with a big family! There are a few other Samoan or other Polynesian families in the ward. I heard they like to feed the missionaries lots of food, especially raw fish. Not looking forward to that. We also have in our ward area, sister missionaries!! Sister Stucki and Sister White (Sister White has been very sick, so some prayers would be helpful). We work with them a lot and they are awesome. It's fun to have sister missionaries close again. We are on bikes which has already given me some "wonderful" stories.
Elder Webber's new Companion - Elder Hansen
Wednesday, my first real day on a bike, we have our district meeting and afterwards a correlation meeting. After we finish, Elder Hansen and I ride out of the church parking lot on our bikes. Not even out of the church parking lot, on the wet and leafy gravel, I turn too sharp and the bike slips out with me crashing, ha ha. Yes, yes Elder Webber is very athletic and coordinated, I know, lets put him on bike in the winter! Great idea!! ha ha, I'm kidding, it will be fun. The only hard part is the hills. google earth Roe St. or Ave. the one we live on, after Woods Dr. and check out those hills!! Thankfully we have some shortcuts. On Thursday, in the middle of knocking on doors, the sisters call and Sister White needs a blessing, at the church. Of course we decide to knock doors down by the water, so the church is up a big hill. In the rain, that was one of the hardest (physically, at least) things I've done yet! Guess what popped in my head right at the hardest, steepest part? "I think I can, I think I can" from that childhood storybook. Thanks Dad. "I could."
Tommy's new Companion and sisters
I love this area and I'm excited to work here. Teaching pool is a little small, but we have found some good new investigators. Out of time. This Saturday we get to learn from the Apostle!! 

Love, Elder Webber

Saying good-byes in Raymond

Saying good-bye to a family that joined the church

Saying good-bye to a man Tommy taught
Saying good-bye to his landlord's family

Saying good-bye to his landlord's cows

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