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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Silverdale 1st ward Starts

Dear Family,

Again, so much has happened this week! I don't know how it keeps happening but I have another amazing area. And another amazing companion, Elder Mosbrucker. After leaving Soundview on Tuesday (with some sadness in my heart) I resolved to make Silverdale my new favorite area before I even got there. I admit I was a little worried going there from Tacoma, which is a great area with a strong ward and lots of people to talk to. But it worked - I love Silverdale so much. not only is it beautiful but the people here are great. There's also a super funny "coincidence." On our way to Silverdale on Tuesday Elder Mosbrucker told me our ward mission leader is Brother Green. I started thinking, I knew a Brother Green is Westport (in Raymond's area - the same one who was such good fellowship for Dennis when he was baptized and who was one of the best member missionaries I've met on my mission). I thought, I know Westport was his beach house and he had a home somewhere in Bremerton/Silverdale..... Turns out it is the same guy! So I already knew my ward mission leader and he is one of my favorite people here.

Welcome to Silverdale
The ward up here is a little smaller, but still very strong. The area itself is tiny, so we don't do much extra knocking outside of our usual 5-7s. It is a beautiful place, with a good view of the Puget Sound, mostly the "Dyes Inlet" and has some "beaches" in Tracyton. A lot of great missionaries have served in this ward, so there are big shoes to fill. Our apartment is very nice. Not quite the "mansion" but second best I've seen. We live in a duplex, kind of, and our neighbor is Sister Korp, she's a convert of about 7 years and our meal coordinator. One of the sweetest ladies ever. We'll come home sometimes and there will be a box of healthy food or a new cleaning supply for us. She's either really nice or trying to tell us something... ;) 

Good-bye to the "mansion" in Soundview (Tommy's bike and bags packed)
Elder Mosbrucker is great. We are getting along very well. He is really good at being kind, and even made me pancakes this morning. I returned the favor by sharing my nutella ha, ha. He is from Fort Collins,Colorado and played football in high school. He loves snowmobile-ing and promised he would take me after our mission if I make a trip to Colorado! Elder Mosbrucker is one of the most humble and loving guys I've met. He is obedient for the right reasons and we are able to work hard together. He's very easygoing and appreciated my ideas. I think this will be a great transfer for us and this zone! 
Elder Tommy Webber and new companion Elder Mosbrucker
We are teaching a lady named Sharen, sort of off and on. She is very sweet, but also sensitive, I would say. She takes the gospel and her relationship with God very seriously, which is good, but is easily confused and strayed by some of her "Facebook friends" who have their own things to say about the Mormons. But on Saturday we had a good lesson with her where we just shared what the Book of Mormon is and its truthful, pure testament of Jesus Christ. She asked us if we knew the Lord's prayer, almost testing us and I started thinking, "I think it starts with 'Our Father'..." Thankfully Elder Mosbrucker had it memorized because his football team would say it before each game. After that I showed her 3 Nephi 13: 9-13 where Jesus Christ teaches the Nephites the same prayer in the Book of Mormon and that really helped her. She was supposed to come with us to a baptism the Silverdale 3rd sisters were having, but didn't show for some reason.

We are also teaching a part member family. The mom's name is Ginger and has been an "eternal investigator." She is living with a less active member but their kids have all been baptized. She came to church this week with her oldest daughter and youngest baby. We had a lesson Thursday about family prayer and scripture study and coming to church. We called it "Spiritual CPR:" Church, Prayer, and Reading. They really liked that and Ginger is really excited to start living the gospel as a family. A few things and changes have to happen first, but they can do it!
Elder Mosbrucker helps some kids get their football out of a tree
Other than that we are exercising our faith to find. I feel like we can find a family this transfer that is ready for baptism. We'll see what the Lord has in store! We have both been very happy this week - more than usual missionary happiness. I am super excited to be in Silverdale, it is a blessed land. The work is going forward! 

Have a great week everyone at school / work / seminary

Elder Webber

Scripture: 3 Nephi 12:20

P.S. Some exciting news from past area. Remember Avery and her 5 kids? She and her daughter Miley are going to be baptized this weekend in the Highland Hills ward!!! When we passed her over, the sisters there started teaching her and after many visits, she is now prepared! She's been coming to church and has really strong friendships with some of the ward members. I'm not sure I'll be able to go, but it still so exciting and makes me happy to see those who I have taught finally make it :)

Good-byes in Soundview

Good-bye to companion Elder Slavens

Good-bye to Elder Slavens and Anderson (Returning home)

Seeing Elder Green at Transfer Day

Labor day Lunch at the Mission President's home

Labor Day Group picture

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