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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Silverdale: "Pointed Toward Perfection"

Dear Family,

This week we had interviews with the mission president! Our district in Silverdale was interviewed on Wednesday after district meeting, and the rest of the zone is this coming Saturday. It was fun to see President and Sister Blatter, it felt like it had been a while since leaving Tacoma. We saw them again at our meeting Friday. President Blatter is such a great mission president. Looking back, the transition was incredibly smooth, and he is starting to make appropriate changes and new focuses for the WA-TAC. We are always inspired by their example of being a missionary. Every so often they share a story of talking to someone at Safeway or talking with the moving guys and giving out pass along card. They've found a lot of investigators through their efforts! And they always encourage us to "Open Your Mouth" and talk with everyone. It's even one of our key indicators we report weekly now, which helps us to remember to do it!

During interviews President told me something I think I already knew but needed to hear it. He said, "You know you're kind of a perfectionist." We're not supposed to be perfect here, just pointed toward perfection." It hit me when he said that and that phrase stuck with me: "Pointed toward perfection." I'm still trying to figure it out, but I think he meant we need to be constantly improving, and not expect to make no mistakes. Mistakes are human and we need to realize our weaknesses. We are given weaknesses so that we will be humble (see Ether 12:27). In companion study this week Elder Mosbrucker said something in passing that also hit me, "God gives us things we struggle with so that we can turn to Him for help." When we turn to God for help, his grace is sufficient to strengthen, or enable, us to work on our weaknesses until (through patience and faith) they become strengths. I hope to get there someday. Anyway, I think I knew I am a perfectionist. Connor will probably laugh when he reads this because he knows it's true :) But it doesn't matter so much where we are but what direction we are moving in.

Members drop off dinner, love the local ward members

Our meeting on Friday was all about working with members, We had a great training on the importance of getting to know the members and being a good example when we visit members or see them at church. We all know this is what we should be doing, but it helped us to know how to go about doing it. The Silverdale 1st ward is pretty great already, so I am happy to be here and excited to get to know more of the members and work with them with their missionary goals.

We didn't really have any investigators at church. One of our recent converts brought her son, Bryan, since he was not at his dad's this weekend. Ginger was out of town, but she did go to the Relief Society activity this week, and we didn't even invite her! She's starting to be well fellowshipped with the ward which is super important. Sadly, we're not teaching Sharon anymore. We think she received anti-christian material and like we said she is pretty sensitive so she probably is afraid of Mormons. We did what we could! This week we found a couple of new families we are excited to teach. There are a lot of young military families here, that work on the Bremerton shipyard. A lot of engineers in our ward too. The work is good!

Traceyton beach

Love Elder Webber

Scripture: Acts 10:38-43 (prophets and apostles are our special "witnesses of all things [Jesus] did" and by listening to their testimonies of Jesus Christ, we can "believe in him [and] shall receive a remission of sins").

PS We had monthly Mission Council Training 

Seminar - serve and open your mouth

Tommy Conducts



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