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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Steilacoom Spirit rocks! And the first fireside of the season!


I am so excited to write again. I loved hearing a little bit about each of some of my friends who are also in the mission field and how different yet similar their experiences are serving the Lord throughout the world. Truly this is the "marvelous work and a wonder" spoken of by Isaiah (and many many other prophets).

I'll start with the exciting news: Haopeng and Tiffany came to church!! Thank heavens for MLK Jr. day and no school, so they could come to church!! It was such a relief to have them there. We also had a new investigator there, Victor. We found Victor by knocking doors back when we were with a priest, Sam. We took turns on each door, and on Sam's turn we found Victor! We've been trying to meet with him, but things kept coming up. He is 60 and from Mexico originally but moved to America when he was just 6. He wants to know more about what happens after we die. His mother passed away a few years ago and he was very close to her. He lives in Oakbrooke, a 30 minute bike ride from the church, and probably an hour and a half walk. Guess what? He walked to church! He told us he would come, and he honored his commitment! Wow. He came in a few minutes late but an awesome member family came in at the same time, recognized a stranger, and had him sit with their family. That was perfect! They then, after sacrament meeting, invited him over to their home for dinner. Yes! Members are the means!

We hope he stops before the water

I was glad to hear about your experiences at Stake Conference. The Church decided that for this whole year, all the youth 12+ will attend the previously "Adult session" of Stake Conference, and every session will be on "Hastening the Work." The church leaders decided that since youth are a significant group of member missionaries, they should attend too. Ours are coming up in the next months. We have been working well with our amazing Ward Mission Leader to have a member present at every lesson possible and it's been going great. I've realized there is nothing like the experiences and testimony a member of the church can share to an investigator. It carries with it force and spirit that can seriously help someone to join the Church. So good job, family, keep it up, and pray for more opportunities! My advice would be "Just Do It" ;)

Elder Tommy Webber and Elder Schaffner
 More on Haopeng and Tiffany! We had a lesson in our Bishop's home with them on Tuesday and we read from the Book of Mormon. Bishop will be the one who can marry them. Haopeng bought Tiffany a ring and Tiffany ordered a dress from China! It's getting real. I can honestly say that I never before my mission thought I would be planning a wedding. Good thing we have sister missionaries in this ward. It's times like these, I would usually just call AllyMehner for help. Ha, ha.  We're having fun and are so excited for these two important steps in their lives: a marriage and a baptism. Continued prayers for them please. We also went over on Saturday night and Tiffany had her awesome questions as usual. She's up to 2 Nephi 3 and she asked us particularly what about 2 Nephi 2:25. What did I tell you? Scripture mastery! They are doing so good. They are our dear friends and we love them.

One other thing I learned this week is why the Spirit is key. Without the Spirit, we cannot teach, we cannot find, we cannot testify, we cannot learn. The Spirit is the key to the door of missionary work. It opens up all the possibilities for success and growth and inspired service. And how do we get the Spirit? Simply put, we must keep the commandments. The Spirit is our covenanted promise if we remember Him, and keep His commandments. We must pray daily, study the scriptures, and live worthy (which all means, keep the commandments). Those words summarize it all. I pray that we may all have the strengthened resolution to keep His commandments. 

I love the work. I love you.
Elder Webber

Scripture: John 5:39

P.S. Dad could you send me some examples/ stories of how you have been sharing the gospel? I want to share them with members :) thanks

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