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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Steilacoom Still! Critical week for Haopeng and Tiffany


This starts week #7 since Elder Schaffner and I have been assigned together, the last week of the extra long transfer after Christmas. We will find out Saturday if one of us will leave. Either way, it always goes by too fast. Elder Schaffner and I have really gotten along, so we're hoping to both stay for next transfer. We never run out of nerdy things to talk about. It's pretty much a continuation of what Connor and I would talk about if we were companions :)

Also, Sister Tingey, in our district in Steilacoom, finally got her visa!!! She leaves in one week for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, her assigned mission. She has been in Washington for 6 months now, plus 6 weeks in the MTC. She is super excited to go, but she really loves Washington and is finding it hard to leave. Plus, now it's time for Portuguese, hot hot weather, and the world cup! We'll miss her. We're not sure if Sister Stucki will stay or also leave, she has been here 6 months. We'll know this Saturday!

I love Steilacoom. We elders have found a lot of work to do. We are very busy all the time, which is awesome as a missionary. We have a few really progressing investigators.

Elder Webber at Webber Court in Steilacoom
Rebecca started reading the Book of Mormon! Elder Schaffner had the idea to mark up a few great scriptures, and ones that might apply to her, and we gave her that copy. She really appreciated it and said she would go through and read them that night. Her daughter and husband both had hospital trips for various reasons, so they all sort of struggle with good health. Her husband has some "questions" about Mormons that he wants answered before she can come to church... Hopefully that will work out. The Gospel blesses families! An elderly lady in our ward, Sister Bayba, is her neighbor and she went by and talked to Rebecca for a long time, and became a good friend, offering help. This ward is so awesome!

We had a great church tour on Wednesday night with an investigator named George who we've been trying to contact for a while. We had a struggling recent convert come as fellowship, and he did an awesome job!! We had a pretty in depth discussion on the Restoration, and invited him, if he came to know this was true, to be baptized. He wasn't sure, but he understands the implication of our teaching, and what we expect of him. If he prayerfully reads the Book of Mormon, he will know.

Another member (also a recent convert) stopped by Chris's house and had a long chat with him. We have not been able to make contact, so we suggested he try. It worked and Chris really appreciated it! He is still really struggling with life, but hasn't forgotten us. He said he's still interested, and will come back soon.

OK, now Haopeng and Tiffany. We went over on Saturday night, and it was a really critical lesson. Tiffany, to start off, has been reading the Book of Mormon, and praying, and always has questions, and expressed her testimony that the book is true. She believes Joseph Smith was a true prophet and is ready to be baptized! We taught Haopeng about the Word of Wisdom, and he had a real struggle to give up tea (they are Chinese, after all). He said he needed a reason to give it up. We told him that he can know this is a true commandment from God by knowing that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, having received the commandment by revelation. He told us he doesn't not believe he was a prophet, but he didn't know for sure.  We asked about the Book of Mormon, but he hadn't been reading because of his busy school schedule. We talked a lot about faith and how he can obtain a sure testimony of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and the Word of Wisdom. He understands what he must do, and he told us he is really searching for truth. We asked if he still felt ready for baptism this weekend, and to our surprise, he said yes! His testimony is still growing, but he said that he feels he is ready and he wants this blessing! It was a huge leap of faith for him, and I know Heavenly Father will recognize it and bless him for it.

That being said a few more miracles still need to take place, They haven't obtained a marriage license yet, which they need to do tomorrow. We told them about that and agreed that we could have a very simple marriage ceremony, and a more real wedding celebration next week or later, so they can plan that better. Wow. It is still possible but will happen by Heavenly Father's will, their effort and faith, and our many, many prayers!! I know they can do it!!! Pre-baptism week is always the craziest, I will let you know what happens next week!

To conclude, I want to express how much I love this Chinese couple. The spirit was strong during our discussion, and I felt so much desire and concern and care for their eternal welfare. I know it will all be right in the end for them, no matter what happens February 1st at 11:00 a.m.  I love you all as well! Have a wonderful week,

Love always
Elder Webber

Elder Webber found a cat

P.S. Tiffany is applying to BYU Provo for graduate school!!! How cool would it be if I got to see them there when I get back :)

Moroni 7:47; Moroni 8:25-26

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  1. its so great to hear how the work is progressing in Washington. <3