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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Steilacoom has an exciting month ahead

Dear Family,

We had a wonderful week here in Steilacoom, Washington! Not to mention only one day of rain, and two of sun! Yes, the sun still shines in Western Washington. And it is beautiful. I love walking down to the water and seeing a gorgeous sight. How blessed am I?

I will share two miracles from this week. First, on Wednesday after our district meeting the DuPont Elders decided they wanted to come with us as we tried to stop by Laurence's house. We have been doing quite a bit of service for him lately as he is having to move all of his things out of his house. We called the day before but hadn't heard back. We all 4 drive to his house and are walking up to knock on his door, hoping he is home and has things for us to help with. Before we get there we hear our phone ringing and see it is Laurence calling us. Laughing, I pick it up and and talk and he is getting back to us from yesterday, and saying he has to go soon, but really needs some help. We tell him we are outside his house! It was so fun and an obvious sign we are where we are meant to be. It is so humbling to have these experiences and know that God is guiding His servants. We helped him fill his trailer with boxes for about 1 1/2 hours.

And the best part of the week was teaching Haopeng and Tiffany on Wednesday night. We got to be in Brother Ely's home, our Stake Patriarch. His house can only be described as a Chinese museum! They have hundreds of items all the way from China. Teapots, rugs, tables, paintings, statues, dishes, scrolls, silks, and books. Haopeng and Tiffany were so excited to be there, they said they felt at home. And to every item they had, they knew the history behind it, and so did Haopeng. It was fun to watch. It made me want to go to China. Brother Ely taught English as a professor there for many years. He also showed us his huge garden. If we get to go back in the daylight I'll take a picture! They also have a Mongolian "yurt" ha ha.

Anyway, after a tour, they felt at home, and we began a lesson. It started with Brother Ely thanking them for coming and bearing a short, powerful testimony. When he finished you could feel the Spirit enter the room like a gush of warm wind. We taught the third lesson, on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Of faith, repentance, and baptism. Each of us took turns teaching and testifying, and they asked great questions. We asked about their Book of Mormon reading and they both expressed their progress (Tiffany finished 1 Nephi!) and they told us that they believe it is from God, His word, along with the Bible. It felt so good to hear they they had obtained a testimony of that book. That is so important. After the lesson we talked about baptism, and with Brother Ely's calendar out we scheduled both of them for February 1st! Both of them! Haopeng decided to commit as well. When we further asked why, he said he has decided to take more faith that this is right for him.
View of South Puget Sound from Steilacoom, WA

We also were with them Saturday night and we could notice a change in them. We can see in their lives, the beginning of faith and repentance. It is so sweet. Their biggest struggle is coming to church. Something always comes up, or they sleep in! But we are working with them a lot. The great and marvelous work is rolling forth. It is a wonder.
Birthday cake at Ward Mission Leader's house

Also, thank you so much to Aunt CJ, the Christophersons, the Olsens, Mostollers, Grandma, and Amy for the birthday / Christmas cards. They mean so much, I loved each one!

Surprise! more cake at a district meeting

Elder Webber

Scripture this week is John 7:17. We have to keep the commandments to know they are from God.

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