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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Silverdale: The Firesides are back, Cool people, and a Chili Cook-off!

Dear Family,

This week was crazy, a lot happened, and it was all really good. Transfers were on Tuesday and my new companion is Elder Sharp. He's from Lehi, Utah and has been out just longer than I have. He is a very talented missionary, really good with people, and an incredible teacher. He can relate to just about anyone. We've been getting along pretty well, and we had a busy week, so we're excited about this transfer. 
Elder Tommy Webber and new Companion Elder Sharp
Elder Sharp prepares Quinoa for Tommy for Breakfast
Also, it was so fun to hear about all the stuff you guys are doing. I love the fall and the school activities. I think the "Donuts and Disney" club you're doing, Claire, is awesome! I love hearing about it all, because it makes me feel close to you and makes my day and week happier.

Like I said, the work boomed this week. We met a lot of really cool people I want to tell you about. Not to mention those we are currently teaching, since we had a lesson with each one of them. A few nights ago, when we were tracting, it had just started to get dark (which happens at about 6:45 p.m. now) and we went up to this old house right on the water. We saw through the window and elderly man sitting and eating dinner alone in his kitchen. He got up to the door to greet us and let us in. He welcomed us to sit down and offered to share his dinner, which consisted of dry meat loaf, rice, and beets ha, ha. We politely declined, and he started talking telling us he is an "Irish American. A Catholic. And a Democrat," and he didn't want to know anything about Mormons! but we kept talking and learned he was born in 1920 and had been a widower for the last 20 years, in this house. At the end he gave us some rock hard cookies to go, which he made himself, and we prayed with him. Well, he prayed, reciting the Lord's prayer. It was a cool experience. Not sure if he'll ever accept a Book of Mormon, but he really appreciated the company.
The neighborhood we were tracting (knocking doors)
Yesterday during tracting we were having a rough go. We knocked early, because we had the fireside to get to that night. After about a hundred "not interested" replies, we came to our last door (it is funny how it's always the last door, in fact, I write down what time of day that we find people who are interested, and it is so often either 6:59 or 5:01 - the very beginning or the very end). We met a man named Mark. He lives right next door to our High Priests Group Leader's home. He let us in and we got to meet him. He's an assistant principle at a local middle school, and is very knowledgeable about the Bible. In fact, he learned Greek and Hebrew and spends about an hour a day translating the Bible for his own study. Most people we meet like this are sometimes rude to Mormon missionaries, but this man was really nice! He had just finished doing a study on the Book of Mormon and had sincere questions for us. Pretty tough questions, but we set up another time to discuss. He is a very friendly guy.
Last day with Elder Mossbrucker
The rest of our investigators are doing well. Brother Green is back in action as the best Ward Mission Leader ever and we had lots of lessons this week. The best part was our ward activity Friday night. It was a Chili and corn bread and cobbler potluck. All the kids dressed up like Halloween and had a costume parade. We had been working all week to invite everyone there. We were so happy when we got there and we saw June, and her friend Karine and Felicia, and all of their kids! And Ginger and her whole family made it, and the Butterfields (another family we are working with). Plus a few other less active members, and an entire non member family that one of the ward members had invited, and we got to meet them! During the night, the ward did a great job talking to our investigators and getting to know them. Sister Stoddard even offered to drive Felicia to church. Later, she told us that Felicia had joined the ward's facebook page and told everyone that she was a "new member"!!! We talked to her about the discussions and how to actually become a new member of the church! What a miracle. Unfortunately, none of these people were able to make it to church Sunday, for various reasons. So that's the only let down this week. 

Musical Fireside - Tommy w/ President Blatter

Sunday night was the Bremerton/ Silverdale/ Gig Harbor fireside. We had a little practice before, and it was sort of stressful because the APs put me in charge of the practice. Everyone was all excited and chatty, but we were able to pull it together, no doubt with the help of the Spirit ha, ha. The fireside had 5 recent convert testimonies, each of which were powerful and spiritual. One of them, from a YSA ward announced that he was putting in his mission papers this week! And the music came along great. It's fun to sing our mission classics: "Called to Serve," "We'll Bringthe World His Truth," and of course, "Amazing Grace."

Elder Tommy Webber reunites with Elder Zastrow at fireside

Elder Tommy Webber w/ current comp Elder Sharp

After the fireside, I was talking to Elder Zastrow who told me that one of our converts was there at the fireside! Chris Bone, who was baptized in Bremerton, June of last year! I didn't get to see him, but it was so cool to hear that he is still active at church! 

Tommy conducted at the Fireside

And here is some more amazing news: 
I heard from the elders in Steilacoom, and guess who was baptized? Rebecca!! Remember her? She's the one that Elder Hansen and I found knocking in November of last year, then Elder Schaffner and I started teaching. Elder Schaffner and I sent her a letter to say congratulations. 
Also, I heard from Raymond, and remember Machel and AJ who were baptized after I left? And then her friend Kelsi, who was baptized after that? Well turns out Kelsi's 3 kids were baptized just a few weeks ago!!! 
Last one: remember Ronnie from Soundview? The guy who never could come to church then came my last Sunday there? Turns out he kept coming, and was also baptized a few weeks ago. Each of these is a miracle and shows that the work is moving forward. I love each of my areas!

Tommy gets reflective at edge of Puget Sound 
Entrance to a local church, everyone follows Jesus, especially Tommy

I love you all so much! Keep being awesome,
Love Elder Webber

Scriptures: I've been studying Preach My Gospel (PMG) lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation, so here's some good ones from the lesson: 
Genesis 1:26-27 (we are made in the image of God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ)
Alma 42:4 (this life is a "probationary" state. Our purpose is to repent and prepare to live with God)
Alma 34:32-34 (remember not to procrastinate that repentance)
Alma 11:42-43 (the resurrection of the body promised to all because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ).

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