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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Silverdale: Lots of Lessons "With" and Trusting in the Lord

Dear Family,

Hard to believe October is already almost over and Halloween is this week! I hope you all have lots of fun and eat too much candy. Our mission will be having zone meeting that day at 3:00 and will be spending the rest of the day together, going home early at 8:00. And we'll get to watch some surprise movie! Last year it was "Ephraim's Rescue." I think it would be cool to watch "The Saratov Approach" or whatever it's called. It sounds really good, kinda scary, and still missionary-themed ha, ha.
Tommy gets to see Elder Schaffner again at Olympia musical fireside

This week was filled with fun stories and lots of cool, little miracles. I am learning a principle this transfer, to "Trust in the Lord." Like it says in Proverbs 3:5 to "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." On Tuesday we had an exchange where we got doubled in, so there were 4 of us in our area for 24 hours. That meant Monday night we had double the planning to do and my planner looks like a 3 year old child got a pencil and a pen and went at it. We were both a little nervous, but really what happened is we trusted in the Lord, not in each other or in ourselves. And this has happened before, at the start of a transfer, on any exchange, or giving a training, preparing a talk, going to the MTC, etc. When we realize that Heavenly Father will guide us by His Spirit, we worry less and trust more. and the result is a bunch of tiny miracles.

The focus this week was lessons with members present. The week before the Weavers left we tried super hard as a mission to get 500 and soared to 697! this week we set another goal of 500 and made it all the way past 600 again!!! On that exchange day, we got 6 in our area, which is way above average for us. It was cool. We were able to contact some investigators that were never home the 10 times we'd tried before, and they were home that day. One lady named Maria we talked to and set up an appointment, another named Bernadette, While we were tracting, (knocking) we had prayed to know where to go and were led to this one small apartment complex. No more than 3 doors in the manager comes out and tells us we have to leave :( so we kept going down the street, knocking and knocking and then turn back up the street around 6:10. On the other side we come up on Sandra Ln. and try to decide whether to knock that, or keep on the main road, which led towards the car, where we started. I had the tiniest feeling to try this street, nothing that screamed "This is a Prompting From the Holy Ghost!!" or any powerful emotion, just a tiny passing thought; I would not have noticed it if I hadn't been trying to follow the Spirit. And so we knock Sandra Ln. and on the second to last door before we finish, at 6:58 p.m. we knock on a door of a woman named Jamie. She tells us she is a member of the church , and hasn't been in years. Her husband is not supportive, but just left for a year on deployment and so she had been thinking about coming back to church and getting her 3 kids involved. Wow!! So we set up an appointment to come back. I really hope it continues somewhere.

Also, remember John, the 94-year-old Catholic Democrat? We were with our Ward Mission Leader one morning visiting people, and we thought to go back and see him. He was home and we went in and talked some more, about his family and his life. And Brother Green then says,"I can tell you're a reader, and we have a good book for you!" he then gives him a Book of Mormon and invites him to read. At first he tells us he will never be a Mormon, but we said that was ok, we just wanted him to read the book. I honestly never thought we would get that far with this guy, but Brother Green has more faith than I do, ha ha. It was cool to see him change his mind about us Mormons :)

We are super excited about Deena and Jamie, a new young couple we are teaching. I don't think I mentioned them before. Elder Mosbrucker and I tracted into Deena about 3 weeks ago, and Elder Sharp and I started teaching them. They have very little religious background, both grew up in families that just didn't go to church. They have a lot of fun interests in Star Wars, Harry Potter, and lots of comic books. They also are starting an organization for childrens' cancer awareness called Lion's Heart. Great people. They are very open to learning and we had a great lesson this week on God being our Heavenly Father and Creator. We read Acts 17:16-34 with them and Alma 30:44. They said they are like the people in Athens, knowing there is some sort of God, but not knowing who He is, and we are helping them learn about Him! Then yesterday they came to church!! YES! That is the first time I've had a new person at church since I've been in Silverdale. And even better, yesterday was our primary program so all the cute little kids sang and read lines about Heavenly Father and forever families. Jamie was in tears at one point, and laughing during the rest of it. And our ward did a great job greeting them and being friendly.
Knocking doors with Elder Steed (an AP visiting) and a reunion

There are even more stories to tell, but not enough time. The Lord is so good to me. I love my mission, even when it starts to get cold and wet and dark. And yes, mom, Saturday night we had a big wind storm, and dead pine needles and even tree branches were flying everywhere! One hit a power line near our ward mission leader's house and his power has been all out. The lines were just dangling in the street, so he called 911 to have them repair it, And there was this really big tree branch that fell right next to our car, but not on top! Phew. But anyways, despite all of that everything is good!

 Tommy sees Elder Mosbrucker again at Olympia fireside

Yesterday, we also got to be a part of the Olympia fireside, since Elder Sharp's recent convert from Lacey was giving his testimony. That meant I also got to conduct and it was really fun. It was the best performance of "Amazing Grace" I'd heard in a long time. I'm lucky to be able to participate and attend all these great musical and spiritual missionary gatherings.

Elder Sharp makes lunch (w/Pumpkin) for AP's
(missionaries who Assist the Mission President)

Close-up on Quinoa and cous cous

Have a Happy Halloween and remember that little old witch will forever sing "H. A. LL. O. W. EE. N. spells Halloween - ha HA ha ha ha ha ha haaaa..."

Love Elder Webber

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 (the mission sent out this scripture today and I really like it)
Also Proverbs 3:5 

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