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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Silverdale: General conference boost!

Dear family,

I'm glad to hear you got to watch all of general conference this week! That was definitely the highlight for me. We have such a privilege to hear from our Prophet every 6 months and to hear the word of God as it pertains to our day. And even more, we can bring our questions and concerns and receive divine help and guidance. I had many prayers answered this week.

To start off, a few days this week were particularly challenging for me and Elder Mosbrucker. We feel we have been working hard this transfer and being obedient, but we haven't been able to do as much teaching or bring people to church. Because of that we don't have anyone we are teaching on track for baptism. Then on Wednesday we found no one home and then a crazy 5-7 pm knocking doors with getting kicked out of two areas and one very mean lady yell at us to leave and never come back. The next day Elder Mosbrucker and I were able to talk openly together about the challenges we were facing and pray together to decide what we should do about them. We both felt loads better after that. I'm grateful for a good companion and communication.

Missionaries are always hungry
Then we had a missionary meeting on Friday and talked about a mission goal to get more investigators to church, and we both felt this is the focus that will help get the work moving along again. That and general conference were a huge boost. I'll just list some of the things I got out of conference:

There were a few talks on the sacrament and the power it gives us to cleanse us and enable us through the Atonement
Elder Holland talked about caring for the poor and needy and the importance and blessings of fast offerings.
Hard trials come to us so that we are brought to our knees and rely on Heavenly Father. We then can see how they are a test to make us stronger.
There was a strong theme of the importance of prophets and how we should look to them for true teaching, true authority, and their unanimous say represents the will of the Lord.
We should first always ask ourselves, "Is is I?" before blaming others.
Pause to consider consequences before making decisions.
President Monson gave a great talk about following the Savior's path, which includes both trial/temptation and the joy of service
Elder Scott taught that we are here to be "tried, tested, and stretched" and gave suggestions of prayer, scripture study, FHE, and temple attendance.
Elder Bednar taught the why of missionary work!
The best and most important part of conference is now when we get to apply and live the teachings we learned. Then we experience the change and the blessings.

Thanks for all your love and prayers. I can't believe next week is transfers!

Love Elder Webber

Tommy always seems to be sitting in the back but listening intently

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