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Monday, October 13, 2014

Silverdale: Staying, but Elder Mosbrucker leaving

Dear Family,

Transfer calls came (again!). They come faster and faster, it seems. And unfortunately Elder Mosbrucker will be leaving the area, but he is going to be training a new missionary in Olympia! He will do great, that new missionary is lucky to have such a great trainer. My new companion will be Elder Sharp. I don't know him too well, but he has served with Elder Mosbrucker before, and Elder Anderson, so I've heard a little bit about him. I've heard he's a great missionary and good with people. I'm actually very excited about the work this transfer! I'm hoping it will pick up and we will be having more people to teach. Change is hard but it usually brings about greater faith and miracles.

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Mission Training Conference
 This week went by fast too. We did a lot of service for people, especially some struggling or elderly families in our ward. We trimmed a hedge, moved in a family, and pulled a lot of weeds. It is fun :) That is one great lesson I have learned from Elder Mosbrucker, is to love others and to love to serve them. Service is so much fun and you feel great afterwards. Mom, you mentioned your lesson you are giving this Sunday, and one thing I can share is that by serving others we love others. At church yesterday, we went to priest's quorum and the lesson was on service. I love Matthew 25:40 and the verses before and after it.

June is doing alright, she had a lot of house maintenance problems this week, and so we haven't been able to teach Karine or Felicia, her neighbors. Ginger and her family is all back, so we hope their life will start calming down a bit and we can focus with them again. Another big lesson I've learned from Elder Mosbrucker is to work with less active families, I've always shied away from that on my mission, but having more love helped me to see how we can work with the ward to help them, too. Also, our ward mission leader, Brother Green us officially back in town for good and he's back in action. He is pretty much a full time missionary, the amount of service he does for this ward. We are so happy to be able to work with him again. Ward mission leaders make such a difference in the work!
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Last thing I want to share is how much I love the Book of Mormon, I just finished 2 Nephi this morning and read about repentance and baptism, "feasting" upon the scriptures, and praying always. When we prayerfully and sincerely study the scriptures, we can always find a way to apply them to our lives. Even though this has been a difficult week for me, I feel peace as I turn to the Book of Mormon.
Conference Lunch

President Blatter, Tommy & Elder Green in the Group shot

I love you all so much,
Elder Webber

Scripture: Alma 12:24 (this life is a probationary state - meaning a time to prove ourselves, if we will be good - and a time to prepare to meet God and live with Him forever. That preparation is repentance).

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