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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Soundview rolls forward: Baptism of Syreeta!

Dear family,

I'm happy to hear of all the exciting things going on. Congrats Matthew on your eagle court of honor. And Charlotte and Claire on your YW medallion. That is wonderful.

Picture with Missionaries before Syreeta's Baptismal service
I'm happy to say we had a baptism this past weekend. Syreeta has come so far in this past week, it is incredible. We taught her the Word of Wisdom on Monday and she was nervous about giving up coffee, she drinks a cup a day and has been for the past 20 years. We just taught the doctrine, promised blessings, and testified and she committed. We brought her some hot chocolate packets the next day. She said she usually gets bad headaches when she doesn't drink her cup of coffee (it is addictive!) but we and she prayed for help and what do you know? No headaches the whole week! When it came time for her baptism she came early and things went very smoothly. Brother Fry, one of the members who came with us to a few of her lessons got to baptize her. He is a convert himself of 10 years or so. The service was beautiful and easier than I anticipated. Our fantastic Ward Mission Leader took care of the program, got speakers, etc. We felt like all we did was show up and watch. After the baptism, I asked Syreeta how she felt. She responded, "I feel different." She sometimes has difficulty expressing how she feels, so I asked again how she felt when she came up out of the water. She then added, "I feel relieved." It is amazing how the gospel is our great relief from the troubles of the world. It is the true path to happiness.

Syreeta with Brother Fry
At church the next day, Elder Anderson got to confirm her and she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. To demonstrate how amazing Syreeta is, after sacrament meeting had ended, people start getting up and heading to Sunday School classes. She walked up to our new Bishop and handed him her first tithing envelope. She brought her checkbook to church and filled it out right there! Now that's faith. She will be going on a trip this weekend and will miss 2 Sundays at church, so she figured she would just pay this week. I've never seen that before in a new convert! I think her prayers will be answered that she can remain an active member of this Church. Recent converts are my favorite, so I wanted to share more of her story.

Our new Bishop is great. They have an amazing family. We go over for breakfast every Tuesday morning and also go over our investigators' progress. The Soundview Ward will have had 11 baptisms in a period of 6 weeks. We are blessed, there is no doubt. 5 of those come from a family the sisters are working with. They are all being baptized on June 7th, mom, dad, and 3 of the 4 kids (The fourth child is only two years old). They already look like they're Mormon, it's great. Our Bishop has felt impressed that we need to double our ward goal for the year. That makes our goal 52. Lofty, but on its way!

We're still working with Avery. Her kids were all sick this past weekend, and we're still trying to get a lesson in a member's home. One guy we're teaching is Steve. He is a really humble guy and wants to turn his life around. It's hard to meet with him sometimes, but we have a lesson set up for tomorrow night. There's another family we are teaching, Jennifer and her 4 kids. Two of them (ages 16 and 10) came to church this past weekend and loved it, so we are excited to see where they will go.

Sunlight on the Sound at 9 PM
The Lord is good, I know this work is true. God tests us because He loves us and blesses us according to our faith and His loving will. I know all things will work together for our good in the end, if we can keep the commandments. I'm so grateful for my mission and love being a missionary. Running out of time, and we have an appointment with Syreeta in 30 minutes :)

Preparation day activity with the Zone at Chamber's Bay Park

Love you all!
Elder Webber

Scripture: Moroni 6:4

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