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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Soundview: New Bishop, Zone Conference, Syreeta's Baptism this weekend and the Chehalis fireside!

Hello family!

This week has been so long, but each day flies by. A lot happened, so I have a lot to tell you. And I got some fun pictures this week.

First off, congrats to Katie Eckhardt for your upcoming report to the MTC, and your missionary farewell service Sunday in Oregon. I got your letter this week (thanks!) and pray you have a great next couple weeks. Also good job to Mitchell (cousin) going to the temple this week before his mission. That makes me so happy.

And to all of you, my family! I love how much mom and dad go to the temple and congrats to Matthew for your Duty to God and Sacrament talks and your Eagle Court of Honor tomorrow. That is amazing you have completed it, I'm super proud and amazed how many of you will be receiving your award! And good job Charlotte for receiving a Torch of Excellence! I didn't get one my freshmen or sophomore year, so you're way ahead of me! And to you and Claire for going to Youth Conference. Those are great and important testimony-building experiences. Keep up the hard work in grad school, Allyson! It was so much fun to see all of you last week.

And thanks for the package this week! It came right before Elder Anderson's birthday so he got to enjoy all the treats. We put together some decorations Friday morning while he was getting ready downstairs, and Elder Steed made some "puff pancakes" and breakfast sausage. We surprised him and sang happy birthday. We did our weekly planning, then had lunch together and made hot dogs, burgers, grilled chicken and steaks :) when we got home for decompression time, we had a six pack of root beer and wrote on one "real beer" and the 21 year old drank it. Missionary humor. ha, ha, ha.
Surprise Birthday party for Elder Anderson
We also had a birthday miracle and met a guy named Clyde, referred to us by Lakewood missionaries. After meeting him, we gave him a Book of Mormon and told him about it, then talked to him about baptism! Unfortunately he didn't make it to church, so we'll have to get back to him, but we'll see where it goes.

Also a surprise for the Soundview Ward on Sunday. The stake presidency came to our ward with "some business" and announced a new Bishopric!! There was an audible gasp from the congregation as Bishop Betteridge was released after 6 years of faithful service. He is one of the best bishops I have met. He has the most temperate personality and simply loves others and is totally dedicated to the work of salvation. Bishop White is our new bishop and he too will be great. When we heard he would be called, we were relieved and not really surprised. They have an amazing family. Sister White helps a lot with teaching appointments and fellowship. We have one counselor still there and another called, Brother Gehring. He and his wife returned from a couples mission a few months ago.

It was a packed sacrament meeting and the speakers were a newly returned senior missionary couple, and a sister missionary farewell from our ward. Go missionary work! President and Sister Weaver also happened to be at our ward Sunday, and with them one of their daughters with her husband and 4 grandkids! They all came to the fireside and the young boys sang "Called to Serve" with us on the stand.

We had Zone Conference this week, and it was a lot of fun. The Weavers love us so much. I can't say enough of how good they are and how weird it is to think they have only a month left.

Our investigator didn't make it to church this week. Her kids are so much work for her. We're trying this week to set up the lessons in a member's home so that the kids can go and play and we can actually sit and talk with A__. She has been reading the Book of Mormon though and said she has no reason to think it is not true. She's very open to the doctrine we just need a chance to teach it.

Syreeta did come to church! And after our church, for another ward meeting in our building (Chamber's Creek Ward) there was a different baptismal service she got to attend.
(As a note, this baptisms the Chambers Creek sister missionary's had was the mom of an member family who had been catholic her whole life. She turned 100 years old yesterday and was baptized the same day. She said she wanted to be sealed to all her family, so she took the first step to do so. Goes to show it's never too late!)
Syreeta agreed to baptism this weekend, the 24th of May at 2:00 p.m.! She is set for this weekend. She wants this ward to be her home church. We stressed when teaching her the Restoration the need for priesthood authority and the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands. With that gift, we only need that one baptism because the Spirit is made permanently attached to us as a "constant companion," so long as we are worthy. She has been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and soaks up everything we say. It's going to be the fast track this week to get the rest of the teaching in. But she's already living the commandments, so that makes it easier. She's such a sweet woman, we're super excited for her.

The weekend after that the sisters have a baptism of the dad of a family who's been coming to church forever. And the weekend after that they have a baptism of an incredible family of 6, 5 of whom can be baptized. It is so amazing, you'd think these people were already Mormon. They all bought quads online and love coming to church. A whole family. It's beautiful.
Tommy and Sister Crosby - the "conductors" at the fireside

Tommy reunites with Elder Green at Centralia musical fireside
Last, we had the Centralia Stake fireside last night in Chehalis. It was possibly my favorite fireside as far as the music goes. They sounded great. Plus I got to see Elder Green again, and Elder Brown and Elder Hansen. And I was asked to conduct "Amazing Grace," our last song, which is an amazing experience. These wonderful missionaries sing with such devotion and spirit, it hits you like a wall. I love the WA-TAC.

Thanks for your love and prayers!
Love Elder Webber

Scripture: D&C 6:33-37 and 2 Nephi 9:18 - just some meaningful scriptures to me this week

Preparation day treats with missionaries in the zone

former companion Elder Green, current Elder Anderson and Tommy

Current Mission Leadership Council

Never know what you might find while knocking on doors

Another door - almost the Webbers

Found a beautiful spot in the forest

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