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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Week One in the MTC, P-Day and Temple

We were excited to receive another letter from Tommy today written 5/22/2013


I love you all ! So this morning I sent you a massive e-mail. Tonight I want to tell you some things I forgot to mention. I only have one hour per week on e-mail ( So after I send you my weekly e-mail, I will have little to no time to e-mail other people. There is not much free time at the MTC, but I still love it here. I've already changed as a person - a much better person :)

First of all P-Day was today, Wednesday, and I leave on Tuesday, May 28th. My flight leaves 8:32 AM Utah time. I am not sure when our phone call will happen.

Second, THANK YOU for the CUPCAKES !!!  They were soo, sooo good! And my district enjoyed them too - I wasn't about to eat all 12.  It makes me so happy when I get mail, and even happier to pick up a huge cupcake package.

Also, P-Day in the field (in Tacoma Washington) is on a Monday.  So I might not get a chance to e-mail again until Monday, June 3rd (Charlotte and Claire's birthday !! - love you two - thanks for the e-mails)  And I wasn't able to send pictures today - sorry. And  may not be able to until that P-Day, Monday June 3rd.

One more cool thing. I went to the temple today with our whole zone.  What an incredible experience. My Next time will be in Seattle, in May 2014! Kind of sad about that, but I am so glad I got to go so much before my mission. (Matthew that is one big tip!!) Some missionaries here have only been once and this was only their second time ever. and  I felt very at home in the Provo Temple.

I love you all and pray for you! Talk to you Tuesday.  I will continue to do everything I can to be the best missionary the Lord will let me be. I love missionary work!

Love, Elder Webber

Seattle Temple - looking forward to it.


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