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Contact Elder Tommy Webber

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Easter Testimony

"Can I just say how blessed I am with my family and friends? It's amazing to go on facebook and see testimonies of the Savior this Easter day. Wendy and Jon I love you two so much and you help me through everything. Connor, I learn something new from you every day and you're my greatest friend. Chrissy, you inspire and bless my life. Madison and Kayla, I love your singing and beautiful testimonies. Allyson Mehner, your perspective on life is inspirational and refreshing. I know I could go on, so many others of you are very special to me. I add my testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. He lives, this much I know with all my heart."

- Tommy March 31st

He also got to attend General Conference again

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