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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tommy attends Provo Temple for first live session - Jan 26 2013

Miracle 54

Tommy Webber received his Mission call to Washington Tacoma on Jan 25, 2013. On January 26th Tommy, Wendy, Jon, Melinda and Devin O. attended the Provo Temple. This was Tommy’s first time as an adult for his living endowment. At a front desk, the first person we met, a woman asked where Tommy was going to serve. She said (#1) I am from Everette Washington (just North of Seattle), it’s beautiful up there. Then she said (#2) I used to live in Sequim, (which is actually in the Washington Tacoma Mission.) Then she said (#3) my niece is going to serve in the Washington Tacoma Mission. There was only one person in line behind us. He said, What did you say? (#4) I just got back from serving in the Washington Seattle Mission. Tommy and Jon just looked at each other. Next we met a kind elderly man who was going to assist us. He said smiling broadly (#5) hmm, Elder Tommy Webber, well my wife’s maiden name is Weber. We went around a corner to a waiting area, and a volunteer came up to the desk, when asked his name, He said Brother Booth (#6) “Booth” is Jon’s Grandmother Brockbank’s maiden name. Then we went to a waiting room with just four families. The first man we met was from Italy. His name was Thomáso (#7) Which we assumed was Italian for Tommy. His daughter was called to serve in Sacramento CA. The next man was named Brother Bell (#8) “Bell” is Jon’s Grandmother Webber’s maiden name. This man got excited and started talking to Tommy. He said (#9) You have to visit my good friend in Puyallup. His name is Engencio. He is a convert to the church that Brother Bell had taught on his mission in the Philippines and he is now living in Puyallup in the Washington Tacoma Mission. The last man that joined us in the room introduced himself as (#10) Brother Thomas. Tommy and Jon just looked at each other. We had a wonderful spiritual experience first with a loving and joyful man named Pedro who gave Tommy a beautiful blessing and then we spent time with the Provo Temple President, President Daines, who gave Tommy great spiritual advice and finished with if you don’t remember the words I said today, please remember, you met a man who KNOWS this Temple is the House of the Lord. After his first session, Tommy got to enter the Celestial room with his mom, and offer a prayer of gratitude.

We don’t know why missionaries are called to serve in any of the 340 Missions in the world, but I believe those ten “coincidences” that all happened in less than one hour, were more tender than just “coincidences”. Five about his mission and five about his name were a beautiful, personal acknowledgment from above that when you do the right thing, a loving Savior wants you to know He knows you personally and that you should “Be Still and know that I am God” Pslams 46:10 — with Tommy Webber and Wendy Webber.

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