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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Manette ends early! Hello Lacey :)

Dear Family,

To my dismay, I am being transferred out of Manette. Two transfers was not enough! Seriously I love this area and wanted to just stay one last transfer and finish here, but alas, God has other plans. I am going to the Lacey 6th ward, which is funny because I've said my whole mission I would like to serve in Lacey. I've heard only good things about it and that the members there are awesome. It will be a bike area (NOOOO!! just kidding, I'll make it) but I've heard it's very flat. I will be serving with Elder Bradshaw, and follow-up training him. He was trained last transfer by Elder Brinkerhoff, who I served around in Silverdale. At least I'll get to go to transfer meeting tomorrow. All my close friends are finishing and going home, I'm definitely bringing tissues :'(

Mission map with arrow to last city he'll serve in

Anyway, to wrap up Manette, we had a crazy week. Lots of success actually, we found 11 new investigators and they are actually pretty solid. One guy is named Josh, he's like 21 and recently is living on his own, trying to figure out his life. We knocked on his door (he usually had work that day but for "some reason" was off) and he let us right in. He has had lots of LDS friends growing up and said they were always so happy with big strong families. He said he is actually looking for a church and it was funny we came by. He said he feels there is something missing in his life and he needs God to fill it. Never was religious growing up, but he recognizes his need for a Heavenly Father. I won't get to teach him, but it's a cool feeling, experiencing being in the right place at the right time and finding those who are prepared. He lives in these apartments that we got kicked out of 3 different times before, ha, ha.

This is the story part of the week, a fitting goodbye to Bremerton and its crazies. Yesterday we had a fast and testimony meeting since next week is general conference. It was a nightmare. We met a guy the week before and only talked to him once or twice, but invited him to church, yano as we do. Well he showed up with an agenda of his own. He gets up half way through a spiritual testimony meeting and goes up to the pulpit. Immediately my heart sinks, my eyes grow wide and I feel about half the size of an ant. He grabs the microphone and yells "Happy Palm Sunday" and says he has never used a mic like this and needs a rock band behind him and starts waving his arms around. Then he goes on about this terrible conspiracy rumor having to do with Mexico and how we all need to send weapons and "large rocks" to help them. At this point our Bishop stands up next to him and calmly explains this is for testimonies on Jesus, and he keeps blabbering so they cut his mic and then he starts yelling! Thank the heavens our Bishopric 2nd Counselor is a security guard for the government so he gets up to escort him out as he yells "VIVA LA MEXICO" down the isle and something about Katy Perry. His last words out the door were "thanks for the invite MacCarthy and Webber!" and I just about died. I felt SOOOO bad like I had ruined sacrament meeting and all member relations. But the good members got up quickly and put things back on track and were able to laugh about it. I hope someday it will all be just a funny memory...

Oh I didn't mention yet, Elder MacCarhty is also getting trasnferred! He is going to Kingston (Silverdale zone!) with Elder Hanson (the same one I served with in Steilacoom!!) Another double out for Manette! But it is because Manette is becoming the new Bremerton Zone Leader area, and the Spanish elders are taking over Bremerton. Crazy! So Elder Goodwine will be coming here, and we're writing down everything and leaving enough notes for them to come in and make a smooth transition. I am happy to say our area book is pretty good, just saying...

Lastly, Jeremy is doing great, no worries about him. He always comes to church. We weren't able to get him to the temple yet, but it is a personal goal of mine to always stay in touch with Jeremy and go with him to visit the temple someday. He is a really great friend of mine and someone I felt I was sent here to teach. We tried visiting Tina to say goodbye but she wasn't home. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow before we leave.

We had Russell come to church again, and Donald (another man who showed up at church a few weeks ago we started teaching) and Fono. There are a lot of investigators for the next elders to keep busy with. Manette has lots of missionary work, which has made it so fun. We have a lesson with Dave tonight so we'll get to see him one more time.

Well this letter feels like I've just been rambling. There has been a lot on my mind. I love my mission so much. The more days pass by, the tighter I grasp each one. I am grateful for inspired leaders and for the opportunity to receive revelation and a stronger testimony this weekend with general conference!! I love the Savior. I know He lives. And Because He lives, we can too. And we can change. That has been the miracle of my mission: I have changed.

I love you all,
Elder Webber

Scriptures: more scriptures on Christ - also sort of a jumble - but they're great!
1 Nephi 22:25
D&C 45:3-5
3 Nephi 11:10-11
2 Nephi 2:6-8

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