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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Manette: Interviews, Diligence, and Tina progresses

Dear Family,

We are excited about March and all that is on the horizon of the WA-TAC. We have a 2015 goal of 800 baptisms for the mission and we are always praying and doing daily obedience to work towards it. President Blatter is a great leader, motivating, likable, and inspired!

This Saturday we get to have a mission meeting in Tacoma with Elder Richard J. Maynes (Presidency of the Seventy) visiting, and some area authorities, Elder Nielson and Elder Bussey. I have met Elder Bussey before, he came to a training and a ward council in Soundview. We are excited to receive inspired training, have questions answered, and also get together as a mission :)

And then we will have a temple trip! Our zone is going on Wednesday March 18th! Happy Birthday mom! I am so excited to get to go (again) and be with all the missionaries.

District meets with President Blatter
Our district had interviews with President Blatter on Tuesday, which is always great to get to talk to him. We don't see him as much as we do in Tacoma, when we lived so close to the mission home and the office. I felt great after the interview and also got a copy of Elder Steed's final report which made me realize how short time is on a mission, and how fast it goes, and how short my time in Manette may be! So Elder MacCarthy and I re-energized and agreed to work extra hard from now on! We are going to be more effective and spend as little time in the apartment as possible (lunch/dinner breaks) and knock more doors and be more bold in our testifying and inviting. There is a sense of urgency in this work and the field is so white in Manette! We set a goal to knock every door by the end of the transfer! We mark on a map at home where we have knocked and it's cool to see it grow.

Elder Webber visits the famous 'Hollywood' sign
We have been working with Tina as a focus this week. We helped her on Saturday to get some more furniture for her apartment, a bed and a couch and bookshelf. She was very grateful. It was from another member who was going to get rid of it. Our wonderful Relief Society President helped organize it. We then went with her to the church to watch a baptism for the Bremerton ward! Elder Smith and Elder Goodwine's. Tina loved it and it helped her feel more comfortable and ready for her baptism. She said she got butterflies watching it. Sadly Sunday morning she woke up with a bad migraine, and couldn't make it to church. We should be meeting with her tonight and teaching the last few lessons. She is still planning on being baptized on her birthday, March 9th. So next week in my Monday e-mail everything should be planned and ready to go that evening!

Found a local place called 'The Manette'
Dave has still had to work on Sundays, but we should be meeting tonight and will try and work something out. We haven't been able to see him this week, either. And then Jeremy is doing good. Been struggling with work and some things, and still trying to adjust to a new lifestyle. I think he needs new friends, and we've been talking about getting him more involved in the YSA activities and stuff. He went with us to the family history center to get him started. Hopefully a temple trip soon!

Tommy says if you park your car over the weekend in WA, then...
Time keeps marching on, but I love my mission. The sun has been brilliantly present this week and so has the work progressed. I love my personal study time and have been getting wonderful insights on the Atonement of Jesus Christ from Book of Mormon scriptures. I'll share a few below. I love you all so much. Can't wait to see you in a few months.

Love Elder Webber

Alma 34:8-16 (Amulek)
Mosiah 3:7-11 (King Benjamin)
2 Nephi 2:6-10 (Lehi)
Each is a powerful testament from a different prophet to the Divinity and reality of Christ. Each teaches a unique aspect of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Without that timeless act, all would be lost. Because of it, we have everything to gain. We just need to live His teachings.

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