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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Manette: Visit to Seattle Temple!

Dear Family,

I think I mentioned last week getting to meet with President Anderson (the Bremerton Stake President) as he came to our ward council and ward conference last Sunday. Well, this weekend we had stake conference, and I learned so much more! We went to the Saturday night adult session and Sunday morning. The Saturday night session was on ward councils and how to make them more effective. I really liked it, they had a strong focus on the ordinances of the gospel and our responsibilities to help people receive them.

St. Patrick's day
Ice Cream social after Bremerton Stake Conference
Another focus from President Anderson (from Elder M. Russell  Ballard really) is to challenge each member family to provide one referral to the full-time missionaries each quarter. the genius of this idea is that we visit families and extend this invitation and as they commit to it on a quarterly basis, we build this "referral machine" of members who will continue to provide referrals, and it gets bigger and bigger. So far we've visited 5 families who have said yes. You all should too!!!! Since the first quarter is already almost over (Jan-March) we can start in the second (April-June). I made this commitment too, since well, never mind, I don't want to talk about it, ha, ha...

Missionaries meet at Bremerton Stake Conference

Elder Webber visits Seattle Temple, annual mission trip
Best part of this week was definitely the temple trip :) Like last year I went with questions in mind, specific things that I was desiring revelation on. I also noticed how I sometimes have this sense of expectation with very spiritual or significant events, like going to the temple or a big meeting or going on a mission or going home or anything, and part of me is almost doubtful if it will live up to the spiritual experience I expect it to be. I decided before I went in to the temple to just relax, trust that Heavenly Father would let me feel an know all that I needed, yet put forth my best effort to seek and ask and be open. I already felt more at peace when I did that and began pondering once were in the chapel waiting. One by one answers came to my questions, either by a thought or a prelude hymn or the words of the temple president who spoke to us before the session. It is hard to explain it all, but it was a wonderful experience. Of course being in the celestial room with so many loved ones and talking in the moment was great.
With companion Elder MacCarthy

Temple sign at entrance

We worked very hard last week, with our crazy goals that we set, and we ended up with 18 lessons total, which is above average, but not the 50 we worked towards. Either way, it inspired us to work harder than we would have otherwise and try to have fun :)
More Seattle Temple pictures

Reunion with Elder Slavens
Next day Wendy visits with Sister and President Blatter at the Temple

Wendy surprises Tommy's companion when in Raymond - Elder Green!
On Friday I didn't feel too well, and Saturday I was pretty sick. Like runny nose, headache, tiredness... maybe a fever (We don't have a thermometer ha, ha) But I did NOT want to go back to our apartment because there's no time to waste in the WATAC! Don't worry though, I made it through and actually feel a lot better today. Thank goodness it's P-Day and I can sort of relax. Part of me felt like it's ok to take a break or go back in early, but for some reason I thought about people I have known or read about (like Church history) who persevered through sickness and continued in the work of the Lord (think of the Prophet and Apostles - they're like 90 years old and they don't give up! What had I to complain about?) so maybe it was a small thing, but it made me more grateful. I also don't get sick very often, maybe 3 times on my mission now.

One more picture from knocking doors on St. Patrick's day
So, family, I love you and miss you and think about you a lot. I'm working my heart out here in Manette. We'll hear this Saturday for the next transfer call! Ah, my last transfer! I hope to stay and end my mission right in Manette.

Elder Webber

Scriptures: D&C 109:22 (promises of the temple)
Isaiah 2:3 (prophecy of the temple)
Psalm 24:3-4 (requirements of the temple recommend)

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