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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Steilacoom baptism! Cesar


We had another busy and wonderful (and wet) week!

Funny stories about rain: so yesterday it was pouring pretty bad, and we were out knocking doors of course, and on our way to make a visit we passed this road that has a dip, it's the one I sent a picture of a few weeks ago, with the cars trying to drive through. It was so dark we didn't see it until we were in it, and slowing down quickly. Unfortunately, I didn't keep peddling because I didn't want to get my shoes wet. Instead, I planted both feel in the deepest part possible, which went up to about half my shin, totally soaking my socks and shoes ha, ha, ha. I just started laughing. Missions are fun.

The miracle this week is this young man named Cesar. If anyone was prepared to receive the gospel, it is Cesar. I told you of how quickly he was able to recognize the Spirit testify of the truth of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, the Prophet. He accepted everything else just as easily! We got to participate in one of the lessons last week, on tithing. When the sisters asked "Will you live the law of tithing, and donate 10% of your income to God's Church?" his response was "can I pay more than 10%?" We almost didn't know how to respond. We mention fast offerings and the some of the other many ways to give service in the Church. But mostly all we ask is a "broken heart and a contrite spirit," the sacrifice of our sins.

Cesar's Baptismal Service
On Saturday we had his baptismal service, and Philip, one of the prospective elders got to baptize him. Cesar was excited and nervous. When he and Philip went down into the water, Elder Schaffner and I got to be the two witnesses for the baptism (to make sure it is done properly). Philip said the prayer, immersed Cesar and when he came up out of the water, there was an indescribable change that came over him. As his sins were literally washed away, the Holy Ghost had a perfect temple to enter into, and he stood for a moment in awe. All he could do was cry and embrace Philip. It was so powerful! While he changed, Elder Schaffner shared a "missionary message" and taught the Restoration. When Cesar came out, he shared his testimony. He struggled to speak because of his emotions. The Spirit was so strong and almost tangible in the room. He managed to get out the words, "I've never felt like this before." When we feel the Spirit stronger than we ever have before, there are no words for it.

On Sunday he was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (he asked Elder Schaffner to do it :) ) and that was spiritual too. Right after, we went to sit by him as the sacrament was blessed and passed. During the passing of the bread he leaned over and asked, "Elder Webber, can I do that too?" This guy is so humble and has such a strong desire to do what is right, what is best. We are going over today to talk about the priesthood. He was interviewed after church on Sunday so he could receive the priesthood this Sunday. Talk about the fast track! President Weaver says, "When they're ready, they're ready!"

Two more updates: before the baptism Saturday we saw Chris again (the one that had all the struggles). I think he is the modern day Job. Things have sort of gotten worse and he is learning humility. He told us each Sunday he wants to come to church and to join the church! He just can't get himself out of this pit. We sent him the talk by Elder Holland about depression, which he told us he thinks he has now. Needs a lot of help, but this should be the time to make the best decision of his eternity!

We met with Haopeng and Tiffany Friday (with the return missionary in our ward I told you about). THEY GOT THEIR MARRIAGE LICENSE!!! That is the other major miracle this week! So Tiffany is just waiting on a wedding dress she ordered, and the plan is March 1st for the marriage and baptism. The not so great news is that Haopeng is even more unsure about baptism. He has been so busy with school that he hasn't read any of the Book of Mormon. When we asked what we could do to help Tiffany prepare, she whispered and pointed to Haopeng (who was in the other room) "help him!" We're hoping that even if it's only Tiffany's baptism first, Haopeng will see the change in her and understand the importance of this gospel. He will come eventually.

This Sunday is another fireside in Lacey. Maybe at the end of "Called to Serve" I will lead them into "Happy Birthday" just for you dad :)

Love Elder Webber

Close-up before Church

Scriptures: D&C 84:20 and Alma 32:16 (they apply to this week!)

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