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Monday, July 7, 2014

Soundview: Happy 4th of July!

Dear Family,

I hope you all had a fun 4th of July. We did here in Washington. It turned out to be a beautiful day, although Washingtonian natives say it typically rains on the fourth and is bright and sunny on the fifth. Goes to show you can never predict the weather. We were told to knock our 2 hours, but any time during the day and to spend later in the day with members. We were to be home by 8:00 p.m. instead of 9:00 p.m. Also, President and Sister Blatter invited the Tacoma West and East Zones to the mission home for a BBQ! It was weird seeing much of the Weaver's decorations gone, but with so many missionaries there, it had its familiar feel. We ate lots of hamburgers and hot dogs, sang the national anthem and ate some cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday America. God bless this land. It's a privilege to serve a mission here.

Watching Fireworks from the Missionary Apartment

We also had our "Meet the Blatters" mini zone conferences, kind of like the week before with the Weavers. It began with a video put together by their 6 children just a week before they left, where they each said a little about their parents so we could get to know them better. It was fun, I feel like they are real people and that they know how to have a family. A mission is like one big family. They are just thrilled to be here and ready to go. So far most of what the Weavers have done has stayed the same. I think they are getting the feel of the mission first. This Friday there is a missionary leadership meeting, so we'll see how that goes, they usually discuss rules and changes there.

The Soundview ward has potentially 4 baptisms this weekend. The sisters have been working with a part member family a while and the two kids ages 9 and 11 are going to be baptized. The dad is not a member, but he gave permission for them to join the church. We're very excited for them. And then we have (hopefully!) Kathy and Tiffany. Kathy was with her family the past few days so we still need to follow up. We talked with her this week about baptism, she was nervous that she wouldn't know enough. We tried to rely on the spirit to know what to say and told her that is is our responsibilities as missionaries to make sure people know enough before they are baptized. The Lord's standard for worthiness for baptism (D&C 20:37) does not include a perfect knowledge of the gospel. It includes humility, desire, and genuine repentance. We have witnessed a change in Kathy's life, even in her countenance as she has met with us. She has also been smoke-free for a week now (a notable miracle!).

Tiffany came to church yesterday, and even brought a friend! We were worried last week because she wasn't at church but she explained that she had not been feeling well at all and had just fallen asleep. But she also told us that when we taught about baptism and asked her to pray at the end of the lesson (we had a kneeling prayer) she said she felt something, right after the prayer, that she had never felt before. A good feeling about baptism. That's all she could say to describe it: "a good feeling." We got excited and helped her understand that was the power of the Holy Ghost, testifying of truth. It is so exciting when people feel that for the first time. At least to that degree. It is powerful and real. It is the witness of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:3). So she accepted the 12th as a baptismal date! We still need to teach lesson 4, but she can do it!!! If all goes well, she can be baptized this Saturday. Pray for her and Kathy.

J_____ has been having a lot of struggles with her kids. They are rather rebellious. Her oldest got into some trouble and was in jail for a day. Elder Slavens and I were thinking about what he and I were doing when we were his age. I thought of Charlotte and Claire, who were at EFY this week. That's also where I was when I was his age. Feeling the Spirit and growing in testimony. I am grateful for my family and my church for helping me to be on the right path, and that's what we're here to do, to help others find that path. So we're still working with her, she's been asleep a lot, trying to deal with the troubles of the world. She still wants to be baptized, but needs to keep the right commitments first.

Soundview Zone activity at the park

While knocking doors an apartment had a fire, no injuries

I leave you my testimony that there is only one way to happiness: that is Jesus Christ. If we would all come unto Him and be humble to accept His will then we would all be in a better place. I need to repent daily to keep that humility and willingness to obey. The Gospel is true. I love you all very much and pray for you with diligence and heart.

Elder Webber loves the Tacoma Sunsets
Elder Webber

Scripture: Matthew 26:41 - Watch and Pray, That Ye Enter Not Into Temptation!

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