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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Soundview for Six (months): The Tripanionship!

Dear Family,

Good news, Sister Blatter has announced the continuation of the WA-TAC blog, the address is now . Yay for more pictures and stories and memories to keep.

I usually write some things down about the week in the "Notes / To Do List" at the end of each week in my planner, but I forgot to write anything down this week. The week flew by, so now I'm racking my brains for what has happened, even though a lot did happen.

Elder Tommy Webber and Elder Slavens
Transfer meeting was outstanding. The longest one I've been in. About 18 missionaries went home, and three more bore final testimonies who are going home early for school (like Elder Holt). In addition, I think 25 new missionaries came in! The summer wave. Many of them are being trained in the Tacoma West zone! The testimonies at transfer meeting were powerful, and from so many great missionaries, legends in my eyes. Two of the sisters I knew because we shared a ward, Sister Stucki and Sister Esplin. Transfer meeting always gets me pumped up again to do missionary work, because you hear from those faithful departing missionaries who so badly wish they could stay and knock on a door at 5:00 p.m. and bear their testimony of Christ one more time as a full-time missionary.

Elder Tommy Webber and Elder Holt

Elder Holt is a a fun addition to our companionship. It makes for more interesting conversations throughout the day. He is a very optimistic missionary and looks on the bright side of everything, even if things don't go the way we would like. He is also from California and appreciates things of value like In N' Out Burger and the Beach. None of my Utah/Idaho companions have... but alas... which reminds me, he is also a big Harry Potter fan! During one of our 5-7s we were trying to explain to Elder Slavens what a Horcrux is and how Harry defeated Voldemort, but I think it raised more questions than it answered.

We are still working with C____, R____, and J____. None of them made it to church this week. J____ is still working, and she has to move this week, so we are looking for a place in our area hopefully. They are both reading the Book of Mormon and have good comprehension and application, but there remains to be a solid testimony of its truth and divinity. That is so important. For with a testimony of the Book of Mormon comes a knowledge of the truth of the Restoration, priesthood authority, and modern revelation and prophets. That testimony, a priceless gift of knowledge, seems to come to those who most earnestly seek it or have a strong desire and willingness to believe. That desire is manifest by faith which leads to action (coming to church, keeping the commandments, or, in another word, repentance).

We are working with a few other good investigators too, but have yet to see where they will go. I do love the Soundview ward. I look forward to church each week and taking the sacrament. Yesterday we were asked to help for a few minutes in the CTR 7/8 year old class. The lessons was on "Sharing" and we talked about sharing the gospel and gave each of them a pass along card to give to a friend :)

Love the Members of the Soundview Ward
I've said this before but the sacrament is such a sacred time each week. This week, I read the first part of 3 Nephi 18 where Christ administers the sacrament among the Nephites and gives His disciples "power" (priesthood authority) to brake bread and bless it and give to others. This is in remembrance of His body; likewise the cup of water His blood. As we weekly take His body and blood, we become more like the Savior who gave his body and blood (by His physical and spiritual suffering) for us. This is spiritual healing, and I feel it happen within me, week by week. Isn't that amazing? That God loves us so much to heal us? I think so.

Tacoma West Zone get together

I love you all so much, have an awesome week,
Elder Webber

Alma 6:6 (fast and pray for the welfare of those who know not God, meaning missionary work. It is not just what full-time missionaries do, but all the children of God are commanded. I promise blessings of happiness).

P.S. I also want to say thank you to grandma Marilyn for your weekly letters to me. They are so filled with the Spirit and with amazing stories that will be remembered for generations. Thank you for your diligent testimony and support for me!

Elder Webber, back right at first Conference with the Blatters

4th of July

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