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Monday, July 21, 2014

Another transfer in Soundview! Webber and Slavens stay in the mansion

Dear family,

I hope you are having fun up in Utah. It's so fun to hear of all the temples you'll get to see. Please send pictures! I love hiking Stewart falls and the Y. Good memories in Sundance.

This week and transfer went SO FAST. They keep accelerating, I don't like it. I tell people I've been out "just over a year" and it will soon be dishonest, but I am determined to make myself think that for the next [some forgotten amount of time I have left on my mission]. Elder Slavens and I got the call that we will be staying in Soundview, and getting a third companion. When a missionary comes into the mission we say they are "born" and the trainer becomes the "parent." This time we are "killing" a missionary because he goes home in 3 weeks (next transfer, officially, but he is going home early for school. A couple other missionaries are doing that). His name is Elder Holt (Connor, didn't you have an Elder Holt? Probably not the same person...) He is from Danville, California (the same town as President and Sister Blatter, they knew each other before). I know Elder Holt from being in the same zone in Bremerton. He's a very talented missionary and had a successful mission. We'll see how it goes!
Elder Slavens and Elder Webber 
I love the Soundview ward. The members are all excited about missionary work. The ward has had at least 20 baptisms this year and all but two are active. There is a lot of focus on retention among the members. Getting them New Member Lessons, Home Teachers, Visiting Teachers, callings, and organizing a recent convert temple trip. We are also trying to start up a Book of Mormon study night, probably every other week with new members, investigators, ward missionaries, etc. I've heard it work well in other areas. And the baptisms keep coming! I believe that Heavenly Father trusts this ward with His children. It is certainly not of our own talent as missionaries. Sister Esplin in the ward is going home, after 18 months, tomorrow, and Sister Hardy will be training a new sister. In fact, every companionship in our zone is training except the three companionships that live in "the mansion." There will be a lot of new missionaries, but that is good. Extra faith produces extra miracles. This shows there are trustworthy missionaries in this zone.
Tacoma West Zone
Cleo is doing so good. We taught her the Plan of Salvation (lessons 2) this week, and she is really starting to soak it up. She has her Bible and Book of Mormon ready when we visit, and takes note of the things we teach and scriptures we use. She still has her grand-niece Annabelle (9 years old) living with her, and her daughter Deborah (in her 30s) lives across in another apartment. They all came to a baptism we had in our ward on Saturday, and they all came to church Sunday (Deborah's first time!) They stayed all 3 hours and loved it. We had such a good Sunday. The talks were awesome, remember the new family that was all baptized? The dad blessed the sacrament, and the 15 year old daughter gave a talk on courage. And Christa (the lady who was baptized Saturday) was confirmed. She is the sweetest old lady who has studied religion all her life and has a PHD in Divinity. The sisters met her as a member referral and started teaching her. When she read the Joseph Smith experience, she knew this is the truth. She is ready to serve the Lord in her greatest capacity yet.

Anyway, back to Cleo, she is praying about baptism, and we are meeting with her tonight at our Ward Mission Leader's house, Brother Andersen, for an Family Home Evening together. She is bringing her daughter and grand-niece! Hopefully she will be on date by the end of this week.

We finally made contact with K____ last night, after a week. She continues to struggle with depression from the loss of her son. It seems the "grief cycle" has come back. Brother McMurray, her fellowship in the ward and professional counselor told us it is normal, and she has a long spiritual path. She still wants to meet with us, but less frequently. And she said she doesn't feel ready for baptism. We are sad, but understanding. I've never met anyone who is so influenced by keeping the commandments as K____. When she comes to church, is reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and keeping the Word of Wisdom, she has a totally different countenance. She knows what she needs to do. So I will keep you informed on how she does the next few weeks.
Puget Sound
I want to share my testimony of the reality and truth of the gospel. Anyone who lives the restored teachings of Jesus Christ can easily discern they are true. I know that with life comes challenges and temptations. They are necessary and require patience, diligence, and faith. If we endure, we will be happy. If we do not, we will be unhappy. I love my mission more than I can ever put in words, I keep trying, and I keep coming short. I know that the grace of Jesus Christ is sufficient to heal us and strengthen us to beyond our mortal capacity. I encourage you to keep the commandments: pray, study the scriptures, take the sacrament meaningfully, and attend the temple worthily. I love you so much! Thank you for your love and prayers,

Blackberry season

Exchanges with Elder Shaffner 

Sincerely with love,
Elder Webber

Personally Meaningful Scripture for the week:
Luke 22:19-20 (notice the phrase "for you" in each verse)
and Hymn #169:
"As now our minds review the past,
We know we must repent;
The way to thee is righteousness--
The way thy life was spent.
Forgiveness is a gift from thee
We seek with pure intent.
With hands now pledged to do thy work,
We take the sacrament."

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