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Monday, June 30, 2014

Soundview Ward: President and Sister Blatter are here!

Beloved Family,

In the words of Paul, grace and peace [to you] from God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ! Thank you for the pictures you sent this week, they made me so happy to see all of you and Matthew's graduation and the temple trip. It was fun seeing Elder Bunker and Elder Gemperline together, even though they are in different missions! I still remember going to lessons with them and their text signature "<Bunk&Gemp>" :) What a precious day and eternally memorable. Mom, you're right, the tie is the Gospel and it is a beautiful, everlasting thing.
Elder Bunker and Elder Gemperline etc. at temple with Rob
This week was emotional and faith filled. On Wednesday we had a mini zone conference with President and Sister Weaver. They made some announcements, especially the announcement from the First Presidency concerning recent converts and missionary work. I am very excited to be able to work with these wonderful people more. President Weaver talked about change and the church and being willing to give up little things. We ended with a big testimony meeting, and Sister Weaver then President Weaver gave "final testimonies." We sang "Amazing Grace" and they gave us each a Washington state quarter with the Olympic National Forest on it, and said goodbye. So very emotional to say goodbye for now. How much they have blessed my life and taught me and loved me and made my mission much of what it is. I am grateful for their Christlike examples.
President and Sister Blatter
The next day President and Sister Blatter arrived. They are prepared. On Saturday we went to a baptism for the Sunset ward (Jennifer came with us!) and President and Sister Blatter came! So we got to meet them for the first time. He already knows everyones' names (and not just using our name tags ha, ha). And they are so excited to be with us and to uphold the legacy of the WA-TAC. After the baptism he talked with us and our investigator Jennifer, asking how much longer she'd be an "investigator." She told him that today was her original baptism date (which it was) and that she will try for next week! (Unfortunately she wasn't at church yesterday because her mom went to the hospital, so maybe we'll plan for the week after, July 12th). They are friendly, competent, ready to serve and love with all of their might. You can feel their faith. I am excited for miracles in the coming weeks and months.

We had a great week teaching lessons, but then no one came to church! Normally this puts me down and I feel very disappointed, but I really feel this week that I did all I could, and that it is always in the Lord's hands. K___ went with her daughter in law to her church, and we are a little worried, because she told us now she's not sure if she's ready for baptism. We really feel that she is, so we're meeting with her tomorrow to talk about it. Something always comes up the week before a baptism. It is Satan's last strike to throw off an essential saving ordinance. We think she can still make it to this weekend, so long as she can live the Word of Wisdom. We dropped off some cranberry juice for her, which we hear counters the desire for cigarettes.

We had an awesome lesson with Jennifer Saturday night after the baptism service. We brought a recent convert couple as fellowship, the Rodriguez's. They were the PERFECT fellowship. Sister Rodriguez is so much like Jennifer, and they could understand exactly what Jennifer is going through making the decision to be baptized and join the church. It's a big one. So we talked about this weekend, but like I said we'll have to push it back. We have a lesson tomorrow night in the Rodriguez's home we are excited about.

We also had a great lesson with Tiffany this week. Another recent convert, Brother Estrada, came. We taught the third lesson, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, about faith, repentance, and baptism. When we taught and testified of the blessings of baptism she really could feel the spirit and accepted a baptismal date for July 12th! We were actually surprised by how thoughtful and sincere she was about it. She's turning out to be a very good investigator.  We have a lesson with her tomorrow also.

A Member's home, backyard is the Puget Sound
Elder Slavens and I get along well. Living in the "mansion" is fun. Elder Johnsen and Steed are so funny. Elder Slavens and I set a goal to memorize a scripture every day. We try and work on it during 5-7s (pm - knocking). So far we've got 3 Nephi 27:19, 1 Nephi 19:9, 1 Nephi 13:37 (President Weaver's favorite). Today is 2 Nephi 25:23. (Believe in Christ) And I love dad's scripture 1 John 4:19.

Found a small house

Decided to Knock

Another beautiful Tacoma sunset

Tommy is seriously on the right track

So much love,
Elder Webber

Additional Scripture: The words of a modern prophet:
"Be Grateful. Be Smart. Be Clean. Be True. Be Humble. Be Prayerful"
(A Prophet's Counsel and Prayer for Youth, President Gordon B. Hinckley. Jan 2001).

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