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Friday, June 20, 2014

Soundview Ups and Downs

Dear Family,

I am so excited for each of you this coming week. Good luck with finals and everything! This week has been pretty crazy. Lots of ups and downs, with our investigators ha, ha. I'm grateful for a companion because he goes through the same things you do and you can check on each other to make sure we're not crazy.

Transfer Day, now with Elder Slavens
Transfers were on Tuesday and my new companion Elder Slavens is great. We get along super well, he feels like a brother to me already. He is very funny, hard working, and obedient. A lot like Elder Anderson was. We have been excited about this transfer and we are thinking of new ways to involve the members, find investigators, and improve teaching. He has already taught me many things I can improve on. (Another good things about companions)

New companion Elder Slavens
Tuesday night we followed up with an investigator we hadn't seen in a while and we had an insta-lesson (right then and there) and talked about the gospel, got to know her background, and her needs. We always start with that, the "How To Begin Teaching" principles and see if it feels right to invite them to be baptized in that first lesson. We did, and she accepted! The weird part is the lesson was so solid, she seemed so accepting, then we get a call the next day and she had only got to the testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith when she had a concern about the resurrected Moroni and for whatever reason doesn't want to talk to us again.

We were also teaching an ex military guy. We had a great lesson this week with a member there and were teaching the Plan of Salvation because he recently had an uncle pass away. He committed to a baptism date and wanted to find peace and God in his life. He was solid to come to church too. We stopped by Sunday morning and he said (with hesitation) he was still planning on church. He didn't come and we called him later that night to see why. He responded very angry and annoyed that we had been in so much contact and said to never come back...

I've never had such extreme reactions from such seemingly solid investigators. Pretty weird, but again, having a companion makes you understand it's not just me.  It was kind of upsetting me, but Elder Slavens and I were talking about how God really does this work, not us. If we try as hard as we can and trust in Heavenly Father's power, we can rest assured we are doing what is right in His eyes, not in anyone else's.

On better notes, we found a truly committed investigator this week. Kathy. I might have mentioned her before because she came to church about a month ago. A few months ago she lost her son (25 years old) in a police accident and she has been extremely sad. She is so humble and soft-hearted. She has been talking with a member, and he referred her to us. We talked with her this week about the peace the gospel brings, and how it can unite our families again after this life. The message touched her heart and will heal it too. She readily accepted a baptismal date for July 5th and did come to church. Two of her neighbors are less acitve members, and they are all friends and came to church together! Double good.

We have a lot of appointments this week and we're working with the ward strong. Washington is beautiful. We are trying not to think about how we only have 10 days left with President and Sister Weaver. Pray for them please. They are such wonderful people, and they've changed my life.

Beautiful Puget Sound
I know the gospel is true and the power of salvation to everyone who believes and lives it. We can all come unto Christ and He will help us carry our burdens. Through Him we can all be cleansed of our sins and live with our families forever.

Hope you had a great Father's Day, Dad! Thanks for all you do for me

Elder Webber

Scripture: Alma 36:24-25 - great missionary scripture

P.S. To Connor: Try not to stab your face with silverware anymore ;)

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