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Monday, June 9, 2014

Staying in Soundview: The Thomson family and the Weaver family

Dear Webber Family,

I cannot believe this six week transfer period is already over. They go so quickly. My companion and I often talk about how odd time is. A missionary's perception of time is totally different. We spend our time so thoroughly and with focus that it flies by. Anyway, that means that I have a new companion, Elder Slavens. I will be staying in Soundview (my 3rd transfer there). I couldn't be happier about that transfer call. We actually had the rare opportunity to receive our transfer call in person! We went to a baptism for the Highland Hills ward, a former bike rider with long hair and a handle-bar mustache named Tommy (ha, ha, ha).

Tommy's Baptismal service
President Weaver made a surprise appearance and since the APs were in the process of calling everyone with transfer assignments, he just told all of us in person after the baptismal service. I am excited. It will be a fun transfer. Weird that it will be the last one with the Weavers before they return home.

By coincidence, Tommy took a picture this week with Elder Slavens
who would become his new companion
The miracle of the week has to be with the Soundview sisters and the Thomson family. I mentioned two weeks ago the 5 members of a family they were working with. All 5 of them: mom, dad, two daughters, and a son were all baptized Saturday. This family has had many member friends throughout their life and always loved "the Mormons." The sisters knocked on their door and they invited them right in. They were all taught together and each bought quads (scriptures) online after their first lesson. Yesterday at church they all walked in together and sat down, just picture this wonderful family. I wished I had a picture. They just look Mormon! It was a sacred experience to be there during sacrament meeting as one after another they were confirmed members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. By the time the sacrament had been administered there were only 15 minutes left of the meeting! But what a good way to spend a sacrament meeting.
Thomson family Baptismal service

The four missionaries serving in the Soundview ward
On Thursday we had a meeting with the Weavers and they had invited even more missionaries, those who had leadership positions in the past. The day before, Elder Anderson suggested the idea that we give them some sort of thank you gift. He had the idea to give them a Washington state flag and we could all sign it at the meeting tomorrow! We then thought, "where can we get a flag?" Thanks to my trusty GPS system we searched "other retail" and the first thing that popped up was "Flag a Flying and Banner Too" 0.8 miles away. Inspired much? I think yes. So we turned around and purchased a Washington flag for them :) Whenever we have a meeting and some members feed us lunch, we afterwards sing "As I Have Loved You" as a thank you. So after our meeting Thursday and after lunch the APs asked President and Sister Weaver to stand with those members. We presented their flag with all of our signatures and thank-yous. We sang "As I Have Loved You" to them :) It was the smallest thing we could do to for the Wonderful Weaver family.

Washington State flag gift for President and Sister Weaver
And after e-mailing today, our zone and the Tacoma East Zone have been invited to the mission home for a lunch BBQ activity! Yay! We have a great mission. I think the Weavers are just trying to be with us as much as they can. They scheduled Zone Conferences for the week before they leave.
Elder Webber at Mission Leadership Conference / Elder Green reunion
Now about the work itself! We have been working very hard this week. That has sort of been the theme of this transfer: work hard. At the start of this transfer we had 177 individuals we were working with: investigators or potential investigators. People who said we could come back and we were trying to make contact with all day, every day. We have now sifted that down to 62. Sifting through those who are not yet prepared for the gospel. On Saturday we actually called so many people to invite to the Thomson family baptism and to invite to church that at 9:18 p.m. on our way home the phone actually died. It was charged the night before and it died. Good job phone, you worked hard too. If anything there is this lesson: nothing makes me happier than these days, where I can get somewhere closer to serving with "all of [my] heart, mind, might and strength, that [I] may stand blameless before God at the last day" (D&C 4:2). That's the great thing about a mission, we get to spend all of our efforts and abilities in the service of our God.

Last few days with Elder Anderson
The good news is that when we are obedient, blessings come. That is "a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven" (D&C 130:20). But as I learned from President Weaver this week, who chooses which blessings come for which obediences? God does. So sometimes things don't happen the way we want them to, even when we work hard. Like not as many coming to church as we hoped. Renee was sick, though we did more service for her this week and she really wants to listen to the discussions now. And Jennifer couldn't come because she had a prior commitment. We did teach her the Plan of Salvation this week, and she's still progressing towards the 28th for baptism. We haven't been able to reach Junior this week, either. But blessings will come! I'm happy. Maybe that is the blessing.

Someone is thinking about In-n-Out burgers
I love you so much! Summer is almost here!
Elder Webber

Alma 33:22-33 (believe in the Plan of Salvation and you will find the happiness of eternal Hope in your life).
Alma 34: 33 (this life is given to us to prepare for eternity)

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