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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Steilacoom: Zone Conference and Cesar gets the Priesthood

Dear Family,

I am so so happy to hear how things are going at home, that the Spirit is at home. "Only the home can compare [to the temple] in sacredness." I know that as you gather together and read from the scriptures and pray every day (or as best you can!) you will forever be blessed and have your testimonies strengthened and conversion deeper and our family will be together forever, as promised by our Heavenly Father. Thank you so much Mom and Dad for your righteous example which has helped all 5 of us kids. I wouldn't be here in Steilacoom, Washington without it.

This week was fast, it is weird being out this long, because time seems to be accelerating and I don't like it! I love my mission so much. There are so many experiences that I can only begin to share. I'm grateful for my journal for sure!

Last night we four missionaries (elders and sisters) were invited to the "Bishop's Youth Discussion" which is the Bishop's Fireside. The topic was missionary work and all 4 of us (as well as Brother Yukon, the missionary who just came home a few weeks ago) shared 1-2 stories from our missions. I thought about it all that day and was amazed at how many stories and miracles I have had so far! How can the Lord be so gracious? He loves us!

Also at church, Cesar received the Aaronic Priesthood! He is amazing. So very excited to serve. He met with the sisters on Saturday who were going to share a Book of Mormon story, the "Iron Rod" which was part of his confirmation blessing. The night before, Cesar had a dream. He told us he dreamed he was in a large field and in the middle there was a large tree, with fruit on it. He said when he tried the fruit it was indescribably good, and all he could feel was that he wanted other people to try it. He said it might have been like an orange. When the sisters told him about 1 Nephi 8 he was amazed and so were we! What a miraculous couple weeks this guy has had. After Elder's Quorum he came up and asked if he could go with us this week to see what missionary work is like. He's probably going to go with us tomorrow, like all day!

The sisters have another baptism this Saturday! An older man named Tom. He is giving up smoking and very excited about the Book of Mormon and the church.

Steilacoom Sunset
Unfortunately, Rebecca didn't come to church, even though she had made a solid commitment. We had a good church tour with her this week, where she said she was really thinking about joining the church. We'll hope she keeps progressing. We couldn't make contact with Haopeng or Tiffany this week. Still working on them too. I wonder what the Lord's plan is.

Elder Singleton and Elder Webber
I have also had a lot of personal growth this week. At Zone Conference Thursday President Weaver did a training on the Book of Mormon and another on prayer. Two things I had been wanting to improve. Two things that are very important for all of us! I was impressed several times about the heart. That I need to open my heart in more sincere prayer and open my heart through the Book of Mormon. Open my heart to really love the people here and love the work. Love my companion, my ward, and my family. The Holy Ghost works through our feelings in our heart. The Lord looks and cares about our heart, and will judge us for our desires therein. I am trying to do that more. One thing I am trying now is writing a prayer journal where I write my prayer in ink and answers to prayers/impressions in pencil, so I can better recognize the Lord's voice. I know He is with us always.

Elder Schaffner and Elder Webber

Love Elder Webber

Scriptures: John 10:16 (read this morning) and Alma 9:9-11 (we should remember the blessings the Lord has given us throughout our life, and remember His matchless power and mercy)

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