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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Soundview: Seattle Temple and Easter Week


Thanks for making it a great Easter. I loved the cat cards, Matthew and Charlotte and Claire! And thank for the awesome package mom, the missionary book, pictures, and candy :) There is a lot of candy in our house now. And that music from Melinda is actually something I wanted. Another missionary has that CD, and I really like the songs on it, so its funny you sent something I knew about and wanted.

Easter Bunny found Tommy

More Easter Gifts from home

From local member friends

 The highlight of this week was definitely the temple! It was so fun, so spiritual, so memorable. I got lots of good pictures there, and I'm sure there's more on the blog. We went up with both the Tacoma Zones, and the Port Angeles and Silverdale Zones. That meant that Elder Zastrow, Elder Hansen, and Elder Green were there with me going to the temple! We started with a devotional meeting in the chapel across from the Seattle temple (which is really in Bellevue). President and Sister Weaver spoke, and we all shared stories about the "Because of Him" video. That was another focus of this week.
Elder Webber's picture of Seattle Temple
We went out to take pictures and then entered the Temple. It had been SO long since I have been, and handing the temple workers my recommend, I just felt happy and at peace. I thought a lot about the last year of my life and the experiences I have had, the miracles I have seen and how much happier, stronger, and understanding (of myself and others) I have become. Of course, there is still so much to learn and so much to become, but I think it is sometimes good to look at how far you have come, and then look forward again, with hope, at what there still is to do. Anyway, we then met in the chapel with the Temple President, President Olsen, and he and President and Sister Weaver gave us a few more words. The session was remarkable. I had never seen the new temple video before, and it brought me new insights, and brought to my remembrance many things. It was a sweet and peaceful thing to renew those sacred temple covenants. I felt personal prayers answered and perspective and calm assurance gained within those hallowed walls. The temple is a place of learning, of reflection and understanding. Not all my problems were resolved, not nearly, but I received the strength and stamina to continue "enduring to the end."

Six Elders who all currently live in same apartment w/ Tommy

Tacoma West Zone

I had almost forgot about how many times, in going to the temple, some miracle, some "coincidence" has happened to me. And it happened again. Three members of the Steilacoom ward were working at the temple that day. Sister Macuguy, Sister Steinacker (who helped during the session) and Brother Agor, our beloved ward mission leader whom we lovingly refer to as "Papa." Of all the times to work at the temple, they were there. People I knew and was comfortable with. Not only that, but Brother Agor was the one who helped me into the celestial room! And when I entered I got to see my big WA-TAC family, welcomed in by my mission president. All I can say is that God knows me, He loves me, and all of you, too. I felt that love and sense of belonging there.

Elder Webber and Elder Green at Seattle Temple

Elder Webber, Elder Anderson and Elder Green

Easter Sunday was great. We only had one investigator come, Christina. We had invited everyone and were expecting five more who made commitments to come. That was pretty discouraging, I admit. One family we have been working with for a long time now. We stopped by in the morning and were actually surprised to see her home (she's been working every single day) and getting ready for church! But somehow, they had surprise family come in right before they were about to leave and take them to lunch... Another couple was also supposed to be there, we had an amazing lesson with them on Friday night, but we think something came up. We're meeting with them this week. Prayers for all of them (Rachel, Lolita & Tom) are greatly needed and effective. As well as for Tim. The Soundview sisters are teaching him and he has been trying super hard to quit smoking so he can be baptized this Saturday.

Also to note: crazy, this Saturday is transfer calls again! It keeps coming faster and faster. I really hope to stay because I've only been here one transfer, but you never know!

On Sunday evening we got to attend a multi-stake musical performance called "The Lamb of God" which included a choir, soloists, and - wait for it - a live orchestra! We could only come if we had investigators there, so of course it was my main proselyting approach for the week ha, ha. We had 13 people say they were coming and none did.... Gotta love missionary work. But we still went, as we were expecting them, and it was a good performance. They sang/ narrated the last week of the Savior's life. I liked hearing an orchestra warm up and tune. I missed those sounds. :)

I hope you all have another great week. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf and for those I am privileged to teach. Keep up what you're doing and love and live the gospel. It is true. I know Christ lives.

Elder Webber

Scripture: Mosiah 16:7-9

P.S. Maike is doing great. At church every week. We gave him a full set of scriptures in Spanish and we're working on getting him the Aaronic priesthood.

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Elder Zastrow and Elder Webber

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